Valentine 2015 Contest Winners

The win­ners of the Amper­Art 2015 Valen­tines Con­test are:

1st place (mug & gift card): 

Lar­ry (Wash­ing­ton)

Spe­cial note: There is some­thing serendip­i­tous about Lar­ry win­ning the cof­fee mug. (First, I’ll say he is my biggest Amper­Art fan & now he is my biggest sup­port­er, send­ing me the most sub­scribers. Thanks, Lar­ry.) I met Lar­ry through E‑bay, where I found the most incred­i­ble col­lectible Mick­ey Mouse tea­spoon, which I stir my cof­fee with every­day. We have become friends through fre­quent emails, divulging our tri­als and tribu­la­tions of life to each oth­er. I have a very high regard for this won­der­ful human being.

To give you an idea of this kind gen­tle­man, he wrote “Please if I do win, re-​pick a win­ner. I have my Amper­Art and that’s so more impor­tant to me…” Sor­ry, Lar­ry, you won fair and square. I appre­ci­ate the new sub­scribers you sent my way. Your col­lectible Amper­sand mug is in the mail, and I’m sure there’s some­one spe­cial you can give it to for Valen­tine’s Day.

It is most fit­ting that as Lar­ry sent me my spe­cial cof­fee spoon, I have now sent him a spe­cial cof­fee cup. How love­ly is that!

2nd & 3rd place tie (e‑gift cards): 

Jeanette (Cal­i­for­nia)

Eni­cia (Cal­i­for­nia)

Eileen (Wash­ing­ton)

Thank you for enter­ing & spread­ing Amper­Art love to new subscribers.

Hap­py Valen­tine’s Day!