#25 Thrills & Spills

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Thrills & Spills

The phrase “Thrills & Spills” and the styl­iz­ing for this Amper­Art edi­tion are rem­i­nis­cent of silkscreened posters and flash­ing “chas­er” signs for roller coast­ers and car­ni­val rides in the 1950s and 60s.

Today the term could be applied to extreme sports like BASE jump­ing, super­cross and free running.

For the past cou­ple weeks and through Sun­day it’s rel­e­vant to the gym­nas­tics, triathlons and ten­nis match­es at the Sum­mer Olympics.

Win­ning a gold, sil­ver or bronze must bring the most exhil­a­rat­ing thrill. And sad­ly, those dev­as­tat­ing defeats undoubt­ed­ly spill a few tears.

The rollercoaster called life

Some­times life takes you on a high like a fer­ris wheel. Some­times it knocks you around like the bumper cars. And when things real­ly go bad it’s like the fun house with all the dis­tort­ed mir­rors and creepy sounds.

Strange­ly, we enjoy the scary fun hous­es and death-​defying roller coast­er rides as much as the merry-​go-​rounds and fun­ny clowns when we go to a carnival.

So when we attend life as if it were an amuse­ment park — enjoy­ing the “spills” as much as the “thrills” —  it’s much more fun. Just beware of the bark­ers at the rigged ring toss.

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