Thanksgiving Seconds & Thirds

The lat­est Amper­Art just arrived from the turkey farm!

#11 Seconds & Thirds
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Seconds & Thirds — who can eat just one helping of Thanksgiving dinner?

We stuff our­selves, go play some games or watch a tra­di­tion­al hol­i­day movie, then…head back for seconds.

After that’s set­tled, whether we can fit it in or not, we…go back for thirds.

The food is just that delicious!

And then of course, there’s dessert. Sec­onds & thirds on that, too!

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chaz sez…ChazHead128x128

What — no turquoise feathers?

Remem­ber cut­ting out con­struc­tion paper feath­ers to make your Thanks­giv­ing turkey art in grade school?

I made a very col­or­ful turkey with a fan of tail feath­ers com­prised of every col­or of the rain­bow – or at least every col­or of con­struc­tion paper. There were blue feath­ers, pink feath­ers, green, pur­ple & flu­o­res­cent yel­low feath­ers. I thought the turkey was the “coolest ani­mal in the whole wide world because it was the most col­or­fullest!” Man, was I dis­ap­point­ed to dis­cov­er the truth. First no San­ta Claus, then no Tech­ni­col­or turkeys.

I could at least look for­ward to East­er, where I knew absolute­ly, pos­i­tive­ly that East­er eggs came in any color you want­ed to make them!


Have a won­der­ful, deli­cious & col­or­ful Thanksgiving.

Production notes for # 11 Seconds & Thirds:
Original size: 20x30 inches
Program: Illustrator
Font: Showcard Gothic
Ampersand: stuffed & basted
Images for # 11 Seconds & Thirds:
Table setting from cook​ing​man​ag​er​.com
Photo by EvanSensenbrenner