#45 Strong & Absorbent

What a mess! My web­site has been hacked, my com­put­er is slow­er than a snail, and Pho­to­shop keeps crash­ing. I wish I could just grab a paper tow­el and clean every­thing up.


This is why I can keep the hairball-heaving cat.


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This mon­th’s issue in the Amper­Art Slo­gans & Jin­gles series fea­tures one of the great­est tools of the 20th Cen­tu­ry, the paper tow­el. Many oth­er prod­ucts claim to be “Strong & Absorbent” but this sin­gle sheet of fluffy white fiber tops the list for con­ve­nience and multi-​purpose use. Need a plate for that cold slice of piz­za? Grab a paper tow­el. How about an emer­gency fil­ter for the cof­fee mak­er? Or soft pack­ing mate­r­i­al? Paper towel.

Do you know the his­to­ry of how the paper tow­el came to be invent­ed, and how it is man­u­fac­tured on giant machin­ery? This is a tru­ly fas­ci­nat­ing story.

It all start­ed way back…

Uh oh, cat just spilled a glass of milk.

Damn! Out of paper towels.

Sor­ry, got­ta go…

Program: Photoshop
Original dimensions: 10″ x 15″
Font: Impact
Image: Bounty Giant Roll 2‑Ply Select-​A-​Size sheet, scanned and manipulated

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