#149 Every Now & Then

149 Every Now & Then
#149 Every Now & Then
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You know how the phrase ends…

Every now & then the sun breaks through the clouds.

Every now & then you get a lucky break.

Or just…

Every now & then some­thing sim­ply breaks.

All of the above occurred dur­ing the month of May.

My com­put­er kept shut­ting down every now & then for appar­ent­ly no rea­son. The lucky break is that my broth­er Rob, a com­put­er genius, fig­ured it was sim­ply over­heat­ing. He talked me through the repair & it’s run­ning nice & cool again.

As for the weather…it was all over the place in Los Ange­les dur­ing May. Sun, rain, hot, cold. Memo­r­i­al Day week­end was espe­cial­ly unusu­al. Nor­mal­ly sun­ny all three days, Sat­ur­day was hot & clear but the very next day it was cold & rainy. On Mon­day, Memo­r­i­al Day itself, every now & then the sun broke through the clouds.

Every now & then I hope an amper­sand puts a smile on your face.

Concept & Design

Quite sim­ple. The com­put­er crashed & I explod­ed.

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