#162 Agree & Disagree

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#162 Agree & Disagree
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What a year of controversy

Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask.
Pros­e­cute the police or let ’em go.
Vote for Trump or vote for Biden. (Nei­ther. But that’s just my opin­ion & I respect you if it’s not yours.)

Agree & disagree

Amper­Art #162 Agree & Dis­agree was inspired by this elo­quent & pro­found piece of writ­ing post­ed by a friend. (I don’t know who the author is.) I made a few typo­graph­ic enhance­ments (em dash, prop­er ellip­sis, sin­gle excla­ma­tion points) — but the amper­sands were already there. [Insert smi­ley face here if you wish.]

This is what many of us have been think­ing and I could­n’t agree more!
I’m sick of covid-​19.
I’m sick of blacks vs. whites.
I’m sick of Democ­rats vs. Repub­li­cans.
I’m REALLY sick of the media.
I’m real­ly sick of the wear­ing a mask debate.
I’m sick of no one being allowed to think what they want & feel how they do with­out offend­ing some­one.
I am sick of the peo­ple who are out there jump­ing on the band­wag­on just to spread hatred. And start riots, loot­ing & destroy­ing oth­ers’ prop­er­ties.
I am sick of blam­ing the world for the sins of a few.
We’re one race — the human race.
You want to sup­port Trump? You do it! It’s your choice!
You want to sup­port Biden? You do it! It’s your choice!
You want to believe in God? You do it! It’s your choice.
You want to believe in mag­i­cal crea­tures that fly around & sprin­kle fairy dust to make life bet­ter? Awesome…you do it!
BUT how about being MATURE enough to be able to deal with the fact that every­one doesn’t have the same exact mind-​set as you. Hav­ing our own mind-​set is what makes us all indi­vid­u­als and beau­ti­ful. If you can’t han­dle that fact…oh well!
I don’t have to agree with every­thing you believe in & YOU don’t have to agree with me.
It’s your choice! It’s my choice!
Just be a decent human being.
You don’t have to like this post or agree. It’s your choice!

There’s real­ly noth­ing more I can add to this post except to say I agree.

Production notes for #162 Agree & Disagree:
Original size: 20x30 inches

Programs: Adobe Illustrator
Font, text: Goudy
Font, ampersand: Din
Illustration: Nikolz, deposit​pho​tos​.com

Note: &” replaces “and” in most or all text, including quotations, headlines & titles.
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