The TO DO & TO DON’T List


  Click on the image to download your own TO DO & TO DON’T list.

Final­ly, a TO DO list that real­ly works — the TO DO & TO DON’T list.

Want to feel like you’ve real­ly accom­plished some­thing? Accom­plish noth­ing — and cross it off the list!

Here’s a TO DO & TO DON’T list but with only a few lines on the “to do” side, which real­is­ti­cal­ly is all most of us ever get through in a day. Right? The TO DON’T side can eas­i­ly be filled with reminders to DON’T answer every email, DON’T read more than 3 chap­ters in a mys­tery nov­el when you real­ly need some sleep, DON’T eat too much junk food, DON’T answer the tele­phone every time, DON’T for­get to smile, and DON’T make too many lists.

Down­load your own TO DO & TO DON’T list and print out as many as you want to use your­self & dis­trib­ute to your friends and col­leagues. You might want to fill theirs in for them before­hand with DON’T bor­row any more mon­ey from me, DON’T both­er me when I’m engrossed in a good movie, DON’T be late again, DON’T for­get to pick up the lunch tab next time…

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