Slogans & Jingles

New & Improved! Big­ger & Bet­ter! Quick & Easy!

Adver­tis­ing hype. Catch phras­es. Slo­gans. Taglines. Jin­gles. I love ’em all! Fond mem­o­ries of “plop plop fizz fizz” & “where’s the beef?” inspired my Amper­Art series of Slo­gans & Jingles.

Here are some adver­tis­ing phras­es that just hap­pen to con­tain our friend, the amper­sand. You can click on each image and trav­el down Mem­o­ry Lane to the full post, some of which are sure to remind you of old com­mer­cials & mes­mer­ize you with fas­ci­nat­ing trivia.

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