See & Be Seen…Soon


I’m glad you appreciate Saul Colt too. Great guy. Strange but great. That’s why I designed a poster for him.


See & Be Seen” will be finished soon & I’ll let you know when. You can stare at it or download & print & frame & hang so Saul’s bright red glasses can stare at you. 


FYI you’ll be subscribing to my personal design project, AmperArt. It’s the only way I can let you know when Saul’s poster is ready. After you get the poster you can unsubscribe.


But AmperArt is free & features the fun & fabulous ampersand, so maybe don’t unsubscribe & enjoy new ampersand art each & every month. No spam — not for Saul’s friends, that’s for sure.


Thanks again for the dinner party, Saul, & for all your wisdom. (But then, what else would we expect from the smartest man in the world?)


—Chaz DeSimone
designer & typographer


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