Get your Saul’s Red Glasses poster here.

To all the people I met at Saul’s dinner party in Los Angeles last week:

I’ve designed a poster as a thank you to Saul Colt for that fabulous dinner & the chance to meet all of you. Also just because he’s a great guy. Out there, but great.

You can get a copy of the poster when it’s 100% finished. (It’s free.)


Sneak peek:



I’m still tweaking the glasses, but this is pretty much what it’s going to look like. What does it mean? 

There’s hardly anyone else who can help you SEE & BE SEEN like Saul Colt. He helps you SEE the why of his marketing ideas, & he shows you how to apply those concepts so you are sure to BE SEEN & remembered by your target market & just about everyone else (especially if you’re wearing red sneakers & red glasses).

The finished version will be a poster-​size 11x17 inches, super high resolution, that you can download, print & frame. That is, if you want Saul’s bright red glasses to be staring at you all day.

This letter explains why I designed the poster:

Thanks for the great dinner, Saul, & for introducing me to your friends & fellow FreshBooks users. Inviting us all to meet each other proves you are the smartest man in the world. So does buying us all dinner.

I’ve created this poster featuring your trademark spectacles (which — by coincidence? — match your Nike Air Force One sneakers) as my latest AmperArt piece. That’s my personal design project, always featuring the fun & fabulous ampersand sandwiched within a common phrase.

The common phrase chosen here, See & Be Seen, is for the uncommon Saul Colt. Your tremendous help when you were with FreshBooks full time, & especially your outgoing personality, is to say the least, quite unforgettable.

The poster will be officially released after I tweak some details & properly format it into a downloadable pdf poster, suitable for framing, & write a blurb about your services with a link to your website. I only promote those I truly appreciate & respect. Yes, as strange as you can be sometimes, Saul, I do respect you.

The poster See & Be Seen will be announced when it’s ready for your friends, colleagues & clients to see full size in all its glory, suitable for printing & framing, if they simply get on the list. (It’s free, just like your wonderful dinner.)

Thanks again, Saul, for the fantastic party & getting us all together. You’re right — you really, really, really are smart.

—Chaz DeSimone
logo, lettering, layout artist
& creator of AmperArt

Get your free Saul’s Red Glasses poster here: