Printing & Framing AmperArt

Framed posters in contemporary room

See fram­ing ideas fol­low­ing the print­ing tips, below.

Printing your AmperArt graphics

Here are some guide­lines to assure excel­lent repro­duc­tion of your Amper­Art graph­ics, ren­der­ing qual­i­ty sim­i­lar to fine art prints. (Orig­i­nal art prints of Amper­Art graph­ics signed by the artist are avail­able by spe­cial request). Select a frame to com­ple­ment the art­work & the room (see exam­ples below) & your Amper­Art prints will add a stun­ning visu­al enhance­ment to your home or office.

AmperArt print & poster sizes

Orig­i­nal signed art prints are 20 x 30 inch­es (image area), avail­able by spe­cial request. Large poster prints, up to 24 x 36 inch­es (paper size), are also avail­able. Your free Amper­Art poster down­loads are 11 x 17 inch­es &  look fab­u­lous in frames. They can also be reduced and print­ed on stan­dard letter-​size paper for a mini gallery, album, or binder cov­er insert.

AmperArt art print & poster sizes

For the ulti­mate pre­sen­ta­tion, print on  tabloid-​size paper (US size 11x17 inch, sim­i­lar to A3 inter­na­tion­al). If you don’t have that size print­er, print­ing tabloid size is stan­dard at any copy loca­tion and most office sup­ply stores.

Download the file

Down­load the pdf & print from your com­put­er, or save the pdf to a thumb dri­ve, cd, or email the pdf to your copy store. The high-​resolution file may take a few min­utes to appear and download.


Use these set­tings for the best print results:
  • Select por­trait (ver­ti­cal)
  • Choose the paper size in the print­er (tabloid 11x17 inch­es recommended)
  • Select 100% repro­duc­tion size (do not enlarge or reduce)
  • Select the high­est qual­i­ty set­tings for the paper you are using:
  • photographic/​premium photo
  • high­est resolution
  • col­or enhance­ment on, off, or adjust­ed to your preferences

Laser: For laser print­ers select the high­est qual­i­ty set­ting & print on pre­mi­um laser paper, heavy­weight pre­ferred. High qual­i­ty acid-​free mat­te paper ren­ders the finest gallery-​style finish.

Inkjet: Print on gloss or mat­te pho­to­graph­ic paper, heavy­weight pre­ferred. High qual­i­ty acid-​free pho­to paper yields much rich­er col­ors & fin­er detail than plain paper. Select photographic/​highest resolution/​premium pho­to paper settings.

This might be your best solu­tion so you’ll get the size & results you want: Have your posters print­ed at a copy store or repro­duc­tion ser­vice bureau from your file. Tell them you want high-​quality photographic-​quality prints on acid-​free gloss or mat­te heavy-​weight paper. Also give them the above suggestions.
Tips for print­ing at a copy store:
  • Ask to see sam­ples of their work sim­i­lar to your poster.
  • Print just one copy to check for size, col­or, and qual­i­ty before you print more. If it is unsat­is­fac­to­ry request adjust­ments. It is cus­tom­ary to not pay for a test print, unless it is per­fect, in which case it can be con­sid­ered a pro­duc­tion print.


black art print poster frame
Amper­Art prints look fab­u­lous in sleek thin black frames fit­ted to the exact dimen­sions of the print.
These poster-​style frames are avail­able at art stores & depart­ment stores as well as fram­ing shops. They are made of wood, met­al, or plas­tic & are easy to mount & hang.
Michael’s Arts & Crafts has a pack­age of 2 black 11x17 inch met­al frames with glass lens for less than $10. (Even less with their fre­quent 30 – 50% off 1‑item coupons.) These are the easiest-​to-​insert frames I’ve ever used and they are of sub­stan­tial qual­i­ty: met­al & glass, not plastic.
I’ve spent near­ly $200 to cus­tom frame Amper­Art prints, and it cer­tain­ly does enhance the art­work. But for less than 5 bucks each a sim­ple black frame looks sleek & ele­gant­ly presentable.

Colorful AmperArt ampersand graphic design posters as montage
Cre­ate a dec­o­ra­tive mon­tage & mini gallery.

A sin­gle print can be enhanced with a more elab­o­rate frame & mat­ted with coör­di­nat­ing colors.

Enhance AmperArt prints with special frames

 Art print framed in elegant gold leaf
Amper­Art is pro­fes­sion­al graph­ic design trans­lat­ed into fine art & can very well be your focal point in a fine­ly appoint­ed room. Spe­cial signed orig­i­nal art prints and qual­i­ty print­ed posters are avail­able up to 24 by 36 inch­es. Pro­fes­sion­al­ly framed & mat­ted, they become a beau­ti­ful accent to a mag­nif­i­cent set­ting. Con­tact the artist for more information.

Enjoy your AmperArt print gallery.

If you have a unique dis­play con­cept please share with your fel­low Amper­Art col­lec­tors and amper­sand fans. Reply below or email pho­tos here.