Framing & displaying AmperArt

Framed posters in contemporary room

Cre­ate a dec­o­ra­tive mon­tage & mini gallery for your Amper­Art col­lec­tion, whether orig­i­nal art prints or framed poster prints. 11x17 poster prints are shown above & below.

Colorful AmperArt ampersand graphic design posters as montage
black art print poster frame
Amper­Art prints look fab­u­lous in sleek thin black frames fit­ted to the exact dimen­sions of the print.
These poster-​style frames are avail­able at art stores & depart­ment stores as well as fram­ing shops. They are made of wood, met­al, or plas­tic & are easy to mount & hang.
Indi­vid­ual prints can be enhanced with a dis­tinc­tive frame & mat­ted with coör­di­nat­ing col­ors, as shown below. Orig­i­nal art prints are mat­ted right up to the edge of the image (such as in the gold frame). Posters are typ­i­cal­ly framed leav­ing the artist’s or pub­lish­er’s logo on display.
Enhance AmperArt prints with special framesArt print framed in elegant gold leaf
Amper­Art is pro­fes­sion­al graph­ic design trans­lat­ed into fine art & can very well be your focal point in a fine­ly appoint­ed room. Spe­cial signed orig­i­nal art prints are avail­able up to 24 by 36 inch­es. Pro­fes­sion­al­ly framed & mat­ted, they become a beau­ti­ful accent to a mag­nif­i­cent setting.
Enjoy your Amper­Art gallery. If you have a unique dis­play con­cept please share with your fel­low Amper­Art col­lec­tors. Reply below or email pho­tos here.