#138 Health & Happiness

138 Health & Happiness
#138 Health & Happiness
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Wishing you Health & Happiness in 2019

Wealth, pros­per­i­ty, excite­ment, fun, adventure…I wish all of that for you. But for the com­ing year I espe­cial­ly am hop­ing for opti­mal health for every­one. You see, a few stel­lar friends of mine need health more than any­thing in the com­ing year. One man of the high­est integri­ty has been in the hos­pi­tal way too long due to a “mis­take” by the sur­geon, anoth­er dear friend (whom I call my “big sis­ter”) is deal­ing with a bout of pleurisy & pneu­mo­nia, & anoth­er is doing her best to live with the ugly c word. I whol­ly believe the can­cer­ous cells don’t have a chance against this brave, upbeat, beau­ti­ful woman who sparkles every sin­gle day in spite of it all. She also sug­gest­ed the title for this piece, far bet­ter than my orig­i­nal “Hap­py & Healthy” — as I real­ly want­ed to place health first. & once my “oops” patient is healed, he’ll live to 100 & more, hap­py & healthy as ever. As for my broth­er, I hope for his back surgery to final­ly “take” this year so he can leave behind the pain he’s endured for over 20 years.

For all of you, my loy­al sub­scribers, thanks for anoth­er year of sup­port­ing my per­son­al project, Amper­Art. I hope it brings you hap­pi­ness. I wish it could deliv­er health as well, but once in awhile there’s an arti­cle about that, too.

Hap­py New Year!


The mes­sage was inspired by my friends who real­ly need 2019 to be a bet­ter year health­wise. The col­or, which reflects health & hap­pi­ness, is Pan­tone Col­or of the Year 2019. It is called, appro­pri­ate­ly, Liv­ing Coral. The typog­ra­phy is inspired by some work I’ve been doing late­ly for silent film titles.

Vis­it Pan​tone​.com about Pan­tone 16 – 1546 Liv­ing Coral, Col­or of the Year 2019.

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Production notes for #138 Health & Happiness:
Original size: 20x30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Fonts:Akura Popo (“Health”), Ragg Mopp (“Happiness”), Speedball No. 3 (ampersand)

Ampersand: Speedball No. 3
Background color: Pantone Color of the Year 2019, 16 – 1546 Living Coral
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Happy New Year 2018

Dear AmperArt Fans

Happy New Year 2018

Thank you for showing your appreciation of the fun & fabulous ampersand by visiting my monthly creations. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe for your free monthly artwork featuring “the fun & fabulous ampersand.”

It has been another fun year of setting type, coloring pictures & creating layouts with our most interesting friend. (If you don’t know the story behind the ampersand, find out here.)

This New Year’s greet­ing fea­tures Pan­tone Col­or of the Year 2018, Ultra Vio­let 18 – 3838, as the sol­id back­ground col­or. It is fea­tured in Amper­Art #118 Mag­i­cal & Mys­ti­cal, along with specs and notes about the color.

Typog­ra­phy for this piece: 
Year & amper­sand set in Shelley-​Allegro Script
Words set in Onyx

This is not a typ­i­cal Amper­Art poster; rather a sin­cere wish for you to enjoy a proper­ous, healthy & hap­py New Year. (But it does, of course, con­tain an ampersand.)

See you in 2018.




—Chaz DeS­i­mone
Typog­ra­ph­er & design­er & cre­ator of AmperArt


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#77 Seek & Find — A Resolution & Solution for the New Year

Seek & Find what you need in 2015


#77 Seek & Find
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Someone dear & close to me inspired the title Seek & Find for this New Year’s AmperArt.

2014 was a tough year for many of us. Loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of property.

I was even at a loss of how to turn the numer­als 2 – 0‑1 – 5 into an amper­sand, a tra­di­tion for every New Year’s Amper­Art ren­der­ing so far. Absolute­ly noth­ing came to mind, so I sim­ply decid­ed to skip this year’s endeav­or & issue a non-​new-​year piece instead.

But then I got some shock­ing news. A very close, very dear per­son in my life – I’ll call him Mr. A – some­one who has intel­li­gence & wis­dom & integri­ty that is unsur­passed – was laid off ear­li­er this year. He has tried relent­less­ly to find anoth­er job, & is now even sur­viv­ing on peanut but­ter & jel­ly sand­wich­es; in fact, now just peanut but­ter since he ran out of jel­ly. This is some­one who is respon­si­ble about time and mon­ey, and who is not lazy about send­ing out resumes. And he will even set­tle for work that is below his mul­ti­ple degree lev­el. Still, no nib­bles. My heart goes out to Mr. A,  a per­son deserv­ing of so much. Yet his humil­i­ty, per­se­v­er­ence and strong faith keeps him going, seek­ing work until he finds something.

The New Year, Twenty-​Fifteen, will bring a change; it has to.” I did­n’t say that; Mr. A did. Right then I told him he inspired me to design a 2015 New Year’s Amper­Art after­all, no mat­ter how hard I had to seek & find some­thing rel­e­vant & maybe even clever.

The words were right in front of me: seek employ­ment, find a job. Seek & find. Or as the bible says,

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you…”

—Matthew 7:7 (King James Version)

To my dear Mr. A, may you seek & find the posi­tion that ful­fills not only your finan­cial needs but also your pas­sion for cre­ative problem-​solving & reward­ing work.

To my fam­i­ly & friends & read­ers, may you seek & find suc­cess & pros­per­i­ty in 2015. May you seek & find health & hap­pi­ness. May you seek & find joy & wonder.

For those of you in a posi­tion like Mr. A, may you seek & find your dream job ear­ly in the com­ing year.

& to all amper­sand fans, I hope you seek & find the per­fect amper­sand in 2015.

 chaz sez ...

The font for Seek & Find was cho­sen for its clas­sic pro­por­tions & round ele­ments to com­ple­ment the style of the numer­als & amper­sand. Obvi­ous­ly, a design­er does not choose a type­style based on its name, but after Seek & Find was fin­ished I real­ized I coin­ci­den­tal­ly did seek & find an appropriately-​named font for the new year: Futu­ra.

For those of you who can’t find the amper­sand in this edi­tion, just seek & find a lit­tle fur­ther: it’s the “plus” sign inside the zero. (That big round cir­cle is a zero, you know. It’s part of the abstract “2015” that makes this a new year’s piece just for this new year.) The “plus” sign is “short­hand” for the amper­sand (which is short­hand for “et” or “and”). You can see how that works here:


Seek & find more inter­est­ing facts about the amper­sand here.

Production notes for #77 Seek & Find:
Original size: 20x30 inches
Program: Illustrator
Font: Futura
Ampersand & numerals: drawn in Illustrator by Chaz DeSimone
Phrases: The Phrase Finder — phras​es​.org​.uk

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