#56 Lose Weight & Feel Great

#56 Lose Weight & Feel Great

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My friend Crys­tal got me back into shape last year. I’ve giv­en her a lit­tle plug after my main sto­ry. She real­ly helped me lose weight & feel great!
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LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREATBack around 1978 I lost $400 in one day wear­ing that phrase! (or some­thing that sound­ed just like it)

That was back in the ’70s when a com­pa­ny that sold herbal sup­ple­ments via your typ­i­cal pyra­mid multi-​level mar­ket­ing scheme recruit­ed (by means of over-​the-​top “rah-​rah” meet­ings & con­ven­tions) any­one who want­ed to get rich quick & stay healthy at the same time. I bought into the dream­scheme, stocked my liv­ing room full of every type of sup­ple­ment, ton­ic & snake oil the com­pa­ny had to offer, & head­ed out on my first day, wear­ing my shiny new Lose Weight — Feel Great lapel but­ton near­ly the size of a hock­ey puck, to make an overnight killing. After all, I was in top shape, toned & tan, & fig­ured any­one would assume a few sup­ple­ments a day took me from a fat slob to an Atlas in just a few weeks. (In actu­al­i­ty, I had been work­ing out for years.)

I did­n’t get a sin­gle nib­ble. Instead, I lost over $400 in one day. I was so excit­ed about wear­ing that damn badge & mak­ing my easy for­tune that I for­got all about my reg­u­lar job, my loy­al clients & dead­lines for designs. (It was my fault, not the MLM’s. Just not for me.)

I tore that but­ton off that evening & nev­er did anoth­er MLM again. But at least the phrase, a slo­gan of the era, prompt­ed this edi­tion of Amper­Art. (This com­pletes the first Adver­tis­ing Slo­gan series, one slo­gan per month through­out 2013. You can see the entire list here.) Read More

#28 Good & Good For You

#28 Good & Good For You

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Orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed  near­ly a year ago as part of my upcom­ing Health & Nutri­tion series, I am releas­ing #28 Good & Good For You as my August 2013 con­tri­bu­tion to the Adver­tis­ing Slo­gans series.

Scour­ing the Inter­net to find out what brand used this slo­gan, I sim­ply can’t find it. So maybe it was nev­er actu­al­ly a prod­uct slo­gan. But it sounds like one, so I’ve select­ed the hottest item in the uni­verse to car­ry the tagline. See “chaz sez” below.

In the process of search­ing, I came across some very inter­est­ing ad cam­paigns & slo­gans from the past cen­tu­ry. Here’s one that also includes a “hall of fame” of great old ads, includ­ing many from Euro­pean prod­ucts (the web­site is in the UK):

Here are two oth­er lists, the first con­tain­ing 400 slo­gans (of which many famous ones such as the Milk Advi­so­ry Board­’s “Got Milk?” are curi­ous­ly missing):


Since I can’t find a com­mer­cial brand that ever used the phrase “Good & Good For You,” I’ll tag it as my own per­son­al slo­gan for the hottest prod­uct in the uni­verse: good ol’ fash­ioned sun­shine. It’s def­i­nite­ly Good & Good For You, although I won’t be get­ting any this Labor Day week­end, being unusu­al­ly over­cast & gloomy in good ol’ sun­ny South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. If you can recall where the slo­gan was orig­i­nal­ly used, please let me know. But it will still be my per­son­al tagline for that big ball of fire in the sky.


Original dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Program: Illustrator
Font: Plantin

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#6 Sunny & Hot

6 Sunny & Hot

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Amper­Art is my lat­est fine art project (although purists don’t con­sid­er posters or the use of typog­ra­phy as fine art, but since I can’t draw it’s art to me). Amper­Art is a series of typo­graph­ic design, fea­tur­ing the almighty amper­sand flanked by com­mon phras­es such as “hot & cold,” “big & tall,” “sweet & sour.” Each graph­ic will be enhanced with a rel­e­vant image & col­or. I was going to start the series with “black & white” but it’s sum­mer & it is most def­i­nite­ly “sun­ny & hot” out­side. (I enjoyed the rays on the sol­stice, Tues­day. The next install­ment could eas­i­ly be “burnt & peel­ing” but I’d rather be think­ing about “cold & wet.”)

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Enjoy the first week of summer!


Production notes:
Original size: 10x15 inches
Program: Photoshop
Fonts: Lithos, Adrian (ampersand)
Ampersand: Adrian font with glow