#125 Merge & Purge

#125 Merge & Purge
#125 Merge & Purge
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New newsletter provider

Amper­Art #125, Merge & Purge, is all about con­sol­i­da­tion & dump­ing the excess, out­dat­ed bag­gage. I cre­at­ed this piece to coin­cide with my own merg­ing & purg­ing of sub­scribers as I switch from one newslet­ter ser­vice to another.

Monkeying around

Recent­ly I have enjoyed using MailChimp for sev­er­al of my clients’ newslet­ter designs, so it’s now my new ser­vice of choice for future Amper­Art announce­ments, begin­ning with this one. (If you’re a sub­scriber, you’ll notice a slight­ly dif­fer­ent look to the month­ly newslet­ter. If you’re not, get to it!) I hope you enjoy the new design.
Now if I could just get around to merg­ing — actu­al­ly, just purg­ing — some of the crap in my studio…

Update: Slip on a banana?

I’ve been noti­fied by some of my loy­al Amper­Fans that they did not receive an April Amper­Art issue, which would be this very post. Turns out the new MailChimp ser­vice I set up has a glitch, some­how not inter­act­ing prop­er­ly with the web­host. I’m return­ing to my old provider until the prob­lem is solved.

Production notes for #125 Merge & Purge:
Original size: 20x30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Fonts: Orator, Revue
Ampersand: Revue (modified)
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