#49 Hammer & Nail

#49 Hammer & Nail
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Hap­py Labor Day Weekend.

Ham­mer & Nail, #49 in the Amper­Art series, hon­ors all of us who labor for a liv­ing. This edi­tion, Ham­mer & Nail, pays spe­cial trib­ute to those jour­ney­men who build hous­es to give us shel­ter & offices to help us work — like my broth­er Rob and my friend Mike. Rob­bie, I love you like a friend and Mike, I love you like a brother.

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chazsezLOGO-85x64I hope you enjoy your work as much as I do mine. My tool­bag con­tains sev­er­al graph­ics pro­grams, a mon­i­tor & scan­ner, some left­over designers markers from the pre-​digital era, an Xac­to knife which I still use on occa­sion & of course my box of 120 Cray­ola crayons which is always right in front of me. (My favorite Cray­ola col­or is blue-green.)

Some­times I could use a ham­mer, though, when the com­put­er crash­es. On the oth­er hand, it feels good when I nail a logo on the first try.

Orig­i­nal dimen­sions: 20″ x 30″
Pro­gram: Illustrator
Font: Impact (mod­i­fied)
Amper­sand: 8 gauge 16D common
Back­ground: graph​ic​stock​.com

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#32 Giving & Sharing

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Amper­Art #32, Giv­ing & Shar­ing, reminds us what the very first Thanks­giv­ing was all about when the Native Amer­i­can Indi­ans and Pil­grims exchanged gifts and enjoyed a feast cele­brat­ing peace among them­selves. But did they go back for sec­onds & thirds? Prob­a­bly notthey did­n’t have a couch and remote con­trol to work off all those calo­ries between servings.
Last year’s Thanks­giv­ing Amper­Art prompt­ed a cou­ple respons­es by my sub­scribers (and amper­sand fans)telling me how much they liked the con­struc­tion paper cut out effect, remind­ing them of those grade school hol­i­day art projects. (I still recall the won­der­ful minty smell of the thick white paste. Tast­ed good, too.) So, I decid­ed to let those com­ments from my loy­al sub­scribers direct this year’s Thanks­giv­ing Amper­Art, once again cre­at­ing a cut-​out effect with a slight­ly dif­fer­ent treat­ment. And once again, it was a lot of fun. Thanks, Lisa and Pat.
New 2012 Thanks­giv­ing Din­ner Place­hold­ers 

Espe­cial­ly for you, Jo Ann, I’ve cre­at­ed anoth­er set of Thanks­giv­ing Din­ner place­hold­ers. All of myAmper­Art sub­scribers can get their 2012 Thanks­giv­ing Din­ner Table Place­hold­ers -here-.
Hap­py Thanks­giv­ing Every­body
PRODUCTION NOTES: Program: Illustrator Original dimensions: 20″ x 30″ Font: Souvenir Italic Images: Traced and modified from reference Layers: 1 for each element; several for horn Effects: Shadow