#98 Fresh & Alive


#98 Fresh & Alive color of Pantone Greenery

 #98 Fresh & Alive
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Pantone Greenery is Color of the Year for 2017

In a stark con­trast from last year’s rather dull pas­tel Col­ors of the Year, Pan­tone has intro­duced a Fresh & Alive col­or (back to just one, too) for 2017: Green­ery 15 – 0343.

No more diaper poo

What a refresh­ing change (of dia­pers) from last year’s dull, infan­tile Col­ors of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz & Seren­i­ty — or as I call them, Putrid Pink & Bland Blue. I can still smell the whiffs of dia­per poo from these bor­ing baby room col­ors. (No, I’ve nev­er had chil­dren. Can you guess why? And besides that, they’d grow up to be derelict I’m sure, because I would paint their room in sol­id black, my favorite col­or, & all their toys would be var­i­ous shapes of amper­sands. Of course I’d name my kids &y and &rea.)

Trees, grass & crisp green apples

Granny Smith color of Pantone GreeneryThis year it’s the fresh & alive scent of tall trees, crisp cel­ery, crunchy Granny Smith apples, tart limes, a freshly-​mown lawn & just-​plucked sprigs of mint*:

Pantone Greenery 15 – 0343

I hope this vibrant col­or catch­es on, because the fresh & alive hue will cer­tain­ly bright­en up our days, whether in print, paint, or prod­ucts. I’ll proud­ly wear a T shirt in Pan­tone Green­ery with the CMYK and RGB specs print­ed on it (54 0 100 0 /​ 132 189 0). You wouldn’t have caught me dead wear­ing Putrid Pink & Bland Blue last year.

mint color of Pantone Greenery


*Add this secret ingre­di­ent to your home­made meat­balls: a few chopped fresh & alive mint leaves. That’s what would sep­a­rate my mom’s deli­cious meat­balls from the rest.



Pan­tone Green­ery is pre­sent­ed as the sol­id back­ground in Amper­Art #98 Fresh & Alive. Here are the specs for the Pan­tone 2017 Col­or of the Year:

Green­ery 15 – 0343
Graph­ics (clos­est match): Pan­tone 376 C /​ RGB 132 189 0 /​ CMYK 54 0 100 0 /​ HEX 84BD00
The Fash­ion + Home and Plas­tic for­mu­las are slight­ly dif­fer­ent. See here.

Vis­it Pan​tone​.com for fresh & alive col­or insights.


chaz sez ...

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Production notes for #98 Fresh & Alive:
Original size: 20x30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Font: Capistrano (modified)
Ampersand: a fresh & alive squiggle
Ladybug: istock​pho​to​.com /​ photograph by dionisvero
Apple: fit​ness​.stack​ex​change​.com
Mint: ingofwall​pa​pers​.com
You may repost the image. Please credit Amper​Art​.com.
To download a full-​size high-​resolution 11x17-​inch poster, click on the image.

For pro­fes­sion­al graph­ic design, please vis­it Des­i­mone Design.

Desimone? Damn good!

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