#81 Devastation & Despair


#81 Devastation & Despair
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Exact­ly one year ago — at 11:30 a.m. on the 2nd Sat­ur­day of Feb­ru­ary 2014 — my soul was auc­tioned off. Every­thing I had from my bronze baby shoes to all my art­work, ideas writ­ten on nap­kins, pho­tographs, my dad’s bar­ber tools and mas­sagers, the last gift my mom gave me which she hand-​crocheted (this is so spe­cial there will be an Amper­Art ded­i­cat­ed just to that pre­cious item), gifts from fam­i­ly & friends, books I was to savor read­ing after I retire, Dis­ney and oth­er col­lectibles I had yet to enjoy and pass down to my grand nephews and nieces, fam­i­ly heir­looms (the grand old floor-​model wood­en radio, the paint­ing that hung over our din­ing room meals), items that belonged to fam­i­ly and friends, mid-​century retro fur­nish­ings, sou­venir appar­el, stu­dio equip­ment (art, pho­tog­ra­phy, record­ing, office) – every­thing I had in stor­age for home and shop and recre­ation and col­lectibles and gifts, which is every­thing but the few items I have around me at this moment – was pur­chased by a heart­less, greedy ass­hole who nev­er returned my calls so I could offer him far more than what he paid for my life, and I could go on living.

Dev­as­tat­ed and in despair ever since. More to fol­low as future Amper­Art pieces tell the sto­ry. I can’t write about it now.

Production notes for #81 Devastation & Despair:
Original size: 20x30 inches
Program: Illustrator (lettering), Photoshop (noise)
Font: None

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