#66 Plain & Simple

Click image to view full-​size or download hi-​rez file for gallery-​quality printing and framing. (But why would you want to hang this boring thing on your wall?) This is a high-​resolution pdf & may take a few minutes to download. Find printing tips & framing ideas here.

Every­thing about this release is plain & sim­ple. Just like it says.

Not even the usu­al long-​winded arti­cle. A thought­ful ges­ture for those of you who skip read­ing the sto­ry but feel guilty afterwards.

There’s no “chaz sez” col­umn, either.  And you know how much I love stand­ing on my soap­box. (I would expound on the virtues of pro­fes­sion­al, world-​class design — in plain & sim­ple terms, of course.)

Noth­ing more to read, except these pro­duc­tion notes:

Original size: 20x30 inches
Program: InDesign
Font: Letter Gothic
Layout: centered, that’s about it
Kerning: none
Refinement: none
Talent involved: .01%
Aesthetic factor: a turd has more beauty
Enjoy & share…

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