#6 Sunny & Hot

6 Sunny & Hot

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Amper­Art is my lat­est fine art project (although purists don’t con­sid­er posters or the use of typog­ra­phy as fine art, but since I can’t draw it’s art to me). Amper­Art is a series of typo­graph­ic design, fea­tur­ing the almighty amper­sand flanked by com­mon phras­es such as “hot & cold,” “big & tall,” “sweet & sour.” Each graph­ic will be enhanced with a rel­e­vant image & col­or. I was going to start the series with “black & white” but it’s sum­mer & it is most def­i­nite­ly “sun­ny & hot” out­side. (I enjoyed the rays on the sol­stice, Tues­day. The next install­ment could eas­i­ly be “burnt & peel­ing” but I’d rather be think­ing about “cold & wet.”)

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Enjoy the first week of summer!


Production notes:
Original size: 10x15 inches
Program: Photoshop
Fonts: Lithos, Adrian (ampersand)
Ampersand: Adrian font with glow
Enjoy & share…

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