#57 Early & Late


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You’ve heard the expres­sion “always ear­ly, nev­er late.” Or is it “nev­er ear­ly, always late”? Well, the oth­er day I was both — which inspired Amper­Art #57, Ear­ly & Late.

I was going to meet a new friend at the movies, and she said she’d be there at 7:15 (the show start­ed at 7:25). Not want­i­ng to make a bad first impres­sion, I arrived at the the­ater at 6:55.

Only to dis­cov­er I had for­got­ten my wallet.

Okay, what now? Rush home & hope there’s no traf­fic? It’s a 30-​minute round trip, but if I broke a few speed limits…

Or just stay put, explain the sit­u­a­tion to my new friend, ask her to cov­er my tick­et & I would Pay­Pal her back as soon as I found my wal­let… No, that would real­ly be a bad first impression!

To make things worse, we’ve only com­mu­ni­cat­ed via the one email address that does­n’t link to my phone (of course), so there was no way I could con­tact her. My deci­sion was to rush home & grab the wal­let (it was on my bed with my keys — I don’t know how it dis­ap­peared) & hope­ful­ly make it back before the movie started.

Between 80 mph on the free­way & 20 mph behind a big truck on a one-​lane street (#%@&!) I final­ly got home & found my wal­let under the fat cat! I rushed back to the free­way & did 75 — 85 mph all the way to the the­ater. (At this point in the sto­ry the ulti­mate dra­ma would to have been pulled over for speed­ing, but that did­n’t hap­pen. I’m hap­py to offer you a dull story.)

I raced through the park­ing lot & found a spot right in front of the entrance, but no one in a white sweater was wait­ing for me. I felt like a heel & just pro­ceed­ed to the the­ater where our movie was about to begin. She was­n’t in there, either. All I could assume was that she real­ized I stood her up or I was going to be real­ly late, & she just went home. That was on my mind through­out the entire movie. How­ev­er, I did some­what enjoy it & was blown away by the superb act­ing. (The movie was Osage Coun­ty, and it’s the first time I appre­ci­at­ed how incred­i­ble Meryl Streep is — a far tougher role here than as a queen. The entire cast was superb. But if I want scream­ing & yelling & fam­i­ly dra­ma I’ll just vis­it my dys­func­tion­al neigh­bors down the street.)

All the way home I was kick­ing myself for screw­ing up the evening for both of us. (If any­one needs a kick­ing it’s the fat cat but I would nev­er do that to my pre­cious pets.) First thing in the door I scanned my email & sure enough there was a note from my new friend apol­o­giz­ing for hav­ing to can­cel the show at the last minute.

What a relief.

My next task was to link a cer­tain email address to my phone.

listen up!

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Original size: 20x30 inches
Program: Illustrator
Fonts: Futura, Engravers Text, Century Gothic

Enjoy & share…

4 thoughts to “#57 Early & Late”

  1. Oh I love this, Chaz! The click is beautiful…nice clean lines, but very play­ful!! I always look for­ward to your com­ments with respect to your design, and this one had me hang­ing on the edge of my seat! It was a fun read to go with a superb visual!

    God bless, Lisa

  2. Hi Chaz,
    Love the clock. I’m going to have this one framed have just the right spot for it. Hope you have a Great Year My Friend!
    Best Regards Larry

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