#56 Lose Weight & Feel Great

#56 Lose Weight & Feel Great

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My friend Crys­tal got me back into shape last year. I’ve giv­en her a lit­tle plug after my main sto­ry. She real­ly helped me lose weight & feel great!
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LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREATBack around 1978 I lost $400 in one day wear­ing that phrase! (or some­thing that sound­ed just like it)

That was back in the ’70s when a com­pa­ny that sold herbal sup­ple­ments via your typ­i­cal pyra­mid multi-​level mar­ket­ing scheme recruit­ed (by means of over-​the-​top “rah-​rah” meet­ings & con­ven­tions) any­one who want­ed to get rich quick & stay healthy at the same time. I bought into the dream­scheme, stocked my liv­ing room full of every type of sup­ple­ment, ton­ic & snake oil the com­pa­ny had to offer, & head­ed out on my first day, wear­ing my shiny new Lose Weight — Feel Great lapel but­ton near­ly the size of a hock­ey puck, to make an overnight killing. After all, I was in top shape, toned & tan, & fig­ured any­one would assume a few sup­ple­ments a day took me from a fat slob to an Atlas in just a few weeks. (In actu­al­i­ty, I had been work­ing out for years.)

I did­n’t get a sin­gle nib­ble. Instead, I lost over $400 in one day. I was so excit­ed about wear­ing that damn badge & mak­ing my easy for­tune that I for­got all about my reg­u­lar job, my loy­al clients & dead­lines for designs. (It was my fault, not the MLM’s. Just not for me.)

I tore that but­ton off that evening & nev­er did anoth­er MLM again. But at least the phrase, a slo­gan of the era, prompt­ed this edi­tion of Amper­Art. (This com­pletes the first Adver­tis­ing Slo­gan series, one slo­gan per month through­out 2013. You can see the entire list here.)

(Well, I did try one more MLM — they real­ly can hook you, you know. Promised to get some­thing like 100 miles per gal­lon with this gas addi­tive, & who would­n’t go for that? I think the busi­ness fold­ed a month or two lat­er, & for­tu­nate­ly I said “no” at the last minute. Glad I did­n’t suck my fam­i­ly & friends into that one. A bot­tle of the stuff spilled in my trunk & I still can’t get rid of the smell. For­tu­nate­ly it smells like cit­rus.)

But each New Year does get peo­ple to set goals & promise changes. It can hap­pen, but not with mag­ic potions. One of the best means I’ve found to keep promis­es to myself (and to oth­ers) is this: Find an action part­ner with whom you can keep each oth­er account­able on a reg­u­lar basis. Here’s a great method, called “book­end­ing”:

  1. You tell your action part­ner what you intend to do, per­haps dis­cuss the plan, & set a time to call back with a report – it can be 10 min­utes, 4 hours, or the next day. At a min­i­mum, dai­ly reports should be made until the project is com­plete. If it’s an exer­cise pro­gram, it does­n’t have a fin­ish date but con­tact every day or two or three is necessary.
  2. You do what you intended.
  3. You call your action part­ner back at the pre­de­ter­mined time, give a report of com­ple­tion or not, & dis­cuss how to get it done or the next step & call.

This is rec­i­p­ro­cat­ed; you help each oth­er with account­abil­i­ty, whether for dif­fer­ent types of projects or a joint plan such as dai­ly exer­cise or jour­nal­ing. My best suc­cess­es have come to com­ple­tion thanks to action part­ner­ing. If you feel your action part­ner is not liv­ing up to your expec­ta­tions, find anoth­er. There might even be a web­site to con­nect action part­ners. (If not, start one!)

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A lit­tle plug for my friend who got me back into shape…

I lost weight in just two weeks by enjoy­ing a freshly-​stocked kitchen & got back into shape doing fun things with friends. Tasty, healthy food & fun, excit­ing move­ment. My friend Crys­tal showed me how to have fun get­ting healthy & feel­ing great in just two weeks — wow!

Click here & select your weight issue.Do you know what your weight issue stems from? Click your prob­lem area in the cir­cle above at Crys­tal Hansen’s skin​nylife​.net Whether it’s binge­ing, depres­sion, anxiety, eat­ing habits, cul­tur­al foods, or just plain mom­my weight, see what Crys­tal sug­gests for you & dis­cov­er the key to your future body & mind & enjoy­ment of life.

NOTE: I am not get­ting paid to rec­om­mend Crys­tal. In fact, I asked her if I could men­tion her free reports here (she’ll send you a free report when you choose your prob­lem area). I sin­cere­ly believe in her excel­lent ways of work­ing with peo­ple, as she got me back into top shape, healthy, toned & full of ener­gy, after let­ting myself go for many years.

Enjoy your new healthy & fit lifestyle & see you at the beach!

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listen up!

Lose weight & feel great? Absolute­ly! Not instant­ly, no mat­ter what any­one promis­es. Though it seems slow at first, los­ing weight one ounce at a time is progress — gain­ing weight once ounce at a time isn’t. So you might as well lose it slow­ly rather than gain it slowly.

Here’s some good news: You still must, eat, eat, eat—just dif­fer­ent­ly & even more enjoyably.

Tempt­ed to cheat? Good! You should build “pur­pose­ful cheat­ing” into your rou­tine, which means once a week eat what­ev­er you want, or deter­mine that if you are going to crave some­thing beyond a thresh­old, give in & have it. Look­ing for­ward to these lit­tle enjoy­ments real­ly helps you eat healthy most of the time.

In oth­er words, los­ing weight & get­ting fit requires…FUN!

How about hav­ing oth­er types of fun? Absolute­ly! Dance, walk, swim, you name it. The more you move – even danc­ing around the house (crank it!) or a walk­ing around the block (espe­cial­ly with your action part­ner) — the more you will want to keep mov­ing & even­tu­al­ly even begin exer­cis­ing. You’ll know when you want to exer­cise, because you will feel the “ahhh!” not the “ugh.

When you real­ize that you have more ener­gy & more zest for life — & that you are look­ing great—prop­er eat­ing & reg­u­lar exer­cise sim­ply become sec­ond nature. Yes, once again, FUN!

Then…can you guess what the ulti­mate reward, the real boost­er, is? No, not low­er num­bers on the scale (because the scale does­n’t change if you’re gain­ing mus­cle while los­ing fat — in oth­er words, get­ting in shape). No, the ulti­mate reward & moti­va­tion to keep going in the right direc­tion are the com­pli­ments!

What is your weight issue? Choose here:

Click here & select your weight issue.

Like I said at the top, I lost a lot of weight & gained tremen­dous ener­gy in just two weeks by lis­ten­ing to my nutri­tion & fit­ness friend, Crys­tal. Check out her QUADRANT OF PROBLEM AREAS (the cir­cle above on her site), choose one, & she’ll send you a free report. That is guar­an­teed (by me) to shed light on how you can shed pounds. Go to skin​nylife​.net before next year!

Hap­py New Year!

(This com­pletes the first Adver­tis­ing Slo­gan series, one slo­gan — or a new­er term, “tagline,” if you pre­fer — per month through­out 2013. You can see the entire list here.)
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