#44 Reuse & Recycle

Reuse & Recy­cle” reminds us to do what’s nec­es­sary to save our plan­et & keep it clean & green for future gen­er­a­tions of peo­ple, ani­mals & all liv­ing crea­tures – not just on Earth Day, but everyday.

Although this is a rel­a­tive­ly new phrase, I’ll con­sid­er it an addi­tion to the “Adver­tis­ing Slo­gans” series of Amper­Art. Most of those are good ol’ say­ings of yes­ter­year, but some­day this will be, too. Hope­ful­ly, though, we’ll still be heed­ing the advice decades & cen­turies from now, & hope­ful­ly it will have worked.

Here are some oth­er Earth Day slo­gans I came across on ThinkSlo​gans​.com:

Mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy owes ecol­o­gy an apology.
It’s the only Earth we got
Join the race to make the world a bet­ter place
Pro­tect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow
Earth Day everyday
Keep your Earth Clean and Green
A good plan­et is hard to find
It’s our world, take care of it
What on Earth are you doing for Earth Day?
May the For­est be with you
Nur­ture Nature
Dare to be a force of Nature

Some are more clever than oth­ers, but they’re all wise & important.

I admit that I am less eco­log­i­cal­ly sen­si­tive about my own future than that of the earth, as I drank way too much Pep­si Max while cre­at­ing this Amper­Art edi­tion. But I did set the bot­tle aside for the recy­cle bin.


Pro­grams: Illus­tra­tor, Photoshop
Orig­i­nal dimen­sions: 20″ x 30″
Fonts:Futura Bold & Light Con­densed (amper­sand — modified)
Image: iStock Pho­to, modified



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5 thoughts to “#44 Reuse & Recycle”

  1. Looks like it could be an xray with the mes­sage inside the bot­tle an “infin­i­ty sign” amper­sand to tell us to con­tin­u­al­ly “close the loop” on resource use recy­cle and re-use.

    Also, check out Earth​911​.com for great recy­cling ideas. Good sug­ges­tion on Freecy​cle​.org

  2. This is real­ly a beau­ti­ful piece! I real­ly like the blurred let­ter­ing, but espe­cial­ly LOVE the light com­ing through the water bot­tle! And the colors…so serene and peaceful.

    I appre­ci­ate the con­cept of car­ing for the “home” God bestowed to man (and woman) to be good stew­ards of. How­ev­er, I can’t help but look for­ward to the day, com­ing soon, when He will make a brand new earth … with­out pain, death or pol­lu­tion! In Rev­e­la­tion 21:5, Jesus proclaims,“Behold, I make all things new!” That will be some­thing to celebrate!

  3. My​.Freecy​cle​.org is a great site to Recy­cle and Reuse items. Some items I have offered (like a wheel­bar­row, craft items, tools, etc.) are not real­ly thrift store items. Today I offered a wash­ing machine over­flow tray. Peo­ple Request or Offer the wildest things. Keeps items out of landfills.

  4. I love the whole blurred effect you did on this. Always cre­ative! Also like what you’re doing with the Chaz Sez graphic.

    And speak­ing of Pep­si, I just watched a doc­u­men­tary about how Pepsi-​Co is spend­ing mil­lions on try­ing to cre­ate new prod­ucts that are health­i­er with less sug­ar, salt, etc. etc. etc. They’re doing a lot of research in the Ori­ent for nat­ur­al sweet­en­ers. Very interesting.

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