#31 Bats Rats & Black Cats

#31 Bats Rats & Black Cats
#31 Bats Rats & Black Cats
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As if planned by the spir­its them­selves, this edi­tion of Amper­Art hap­pens to be #31, the very date of the hol­i­day it was haunt­ing­ly designed for.

Bats Rats & Black Cats…
Lizards Gophers Birds & Snakes


These are Hal­loween creatures?

No, not all of them, but they are all “gifts” that my black cat, Jeep­ers Creep­ers, proud­ly brings me once or twice a week. Yes, bats and snakes. Def­i­nite­ly ejects me out of bed faster than my shrill alarm clock.

Jeep­ers Creep­ers, 3 years old, was named after my black Jeep (he can plow through any­thing to get to food), but this time of year his name takes on the spooky mean­ing of Octo­ber 31.

Program: Photoshop
Original dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Fonts: Visigoth, French Script, both modified
Images: Traced and modified from reference
Effects: Noise added to background layer  
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