#20 Bunnies & Chicks

The choco­late East­er bun­ny is still pret­ty much the choco­late East­er bun­ny. But not so for Peeps. I remem­ber when they were one col­or, one species.

Maybe pink also, but most def­i­nite­ly not blue, orange, green and pur­ple as they are today. And there were only the crea­tures that “peep,” you know, lit­tle chick­ies. No oth­er sounds like rab­bits and what­ev­er else the Peeps fac­to­ry is churn­ing out. Prob­a­bly even real human Peeps someday.

There’s even Peeps plush, Peeps appar­el and all sorts of Peeps collectibles.

And can you believe it? There’s even a Peeps store.

If you want to find out where this is you’ll have to vis­it this blog, where I bor­rowed this pho­to from: http://​hip​p​wa​ters​.word​press​.com/​p​a​g​e​/2/

I’d say Peeps are to East­er what Rudolph is to Christ­mas — not the main attrac­tion (com­mer­cial­ly speak­ing) but very, very important.

And the poor choco­late East­er bun­ny? Just the butt (no pun intend­ed) of a joke.

Hap­py Easter!

Programs: Photoshop (image retouching), InDesign (type and dingbats)
Font: Lithos
Images: Stock
Peep Store photo:hippwaters.wordpress.com/page/2/
Cartoon images: pen​cil​bugs​.com

East­er Sun­day used to be my best oppor­tu­ni­ty for throw­ing a mag­nif­i­cent, Oscar-​worthy tantrum.

If I could­n’t find every sin­gle egg and fill my bas­ket to over­flow­ing I would scream and yell and cry until some­one would sneak up behind me and mag­i­cal­ly fill it with eggs, jel­ly beans and of course Peeps.

Hope you have a very hap­py East­er. After all, I won’t be there to throw a tantrum and ruin it.


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15 thoughts to “#20 Bunnies & Chicks”

  1. I love this time of year, even more than Christ­mas! I love the Res­ur­rec­tion sto­ry and the assur­ing sac­ri­fice of Jesus’ death for my sins! Love the (hope­ful­ly) warmer weath­er to come after a long, cold win­ter. Love the bun­nies and chicks, too! 

    I’ve nev­er been that much of a choco­late fan (save for Bel­gian truf­fles) but I LOVE Peeps! (Although they hurt my teeth now!) I had no idea how over-​the-​top the Peeps indus­try has become! Crazy!

    And what a fun poster and a fun post!

    1. I guess I went over the top with com­mer­cial­ism for my East­er post, did­n’t I? Sor­ry, just can’t resist those cute lit­tle yel­low things.
      Fun­ny, I don’t like choco­late either (as I’m eat­ing a Her­sheys bar because they were six for a buck).
      Enjoy East­er Sun­day immense­ly, and yes let’s hope it gets warmer for you.

    1. Hmmm…I thought I did have those going out. I’m not the blog­ging guru that you are! BTW, I’ve got some peo­ple com­ing over to your place for your next Use Me Abuse Me par­ty on — the 28th?

    2. Thanks. I will. Although I’ll need to hire some­one to do that for me. I just don’t have time, and besides I detest the dead blue back­ground col­or of Face­book so I don’t like look­ing at Face­book pages.

  2. There’s also choco­late Peeps now too. Nev­er tried them but they look and sound a lit­tle bet­ter than the pas­tel ones. Not quite so gag­gy sweet. :)

    1. Thanks, Nan­cy. I’ve got to see David’s work. Kin­da like Warhol and Camp­bel­l’s Soup?
      Did you notice I pulled your orig­i­nal East­er car­toon for my arti­cle? I searched the web for that car­toon and yours had the best images (real choco­late bun­nies, not drawn).
      Hap­py Easter!

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