#18 Pranks & Practical Jokes

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Amper­Art #18 Pranks & Prac­ti­cal Jokes
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April Fools!

Here’s a spe­cial Amper­Art edi­tion just for you & me & our dear­est friends who pull pranks and prac­ti­cal jokes on unsus­pect­ing fools every April 1. (Don’t wor­ry, your Amper­Art sub­scrip­tion will be free for­ev­er. No kidding.)

To my glob­al sub­scribers: If you don’t under­stand what this non­sense is all about, April Fools Day is cel­e­brat­ed in sev­er­al coun­tries around the globe where one day a year, April 1, we can expect a prank or trick to be played on us. Maybe our office chair is rigged to fall apart when we sit on it, or we find a large amount of cash which is pulled away on a string when we reach for it. If you do not prac­tice this cus­tom in your country…congratulations! You won’t have to be anx­ious all day won­der­ing when your best friend will play a nasty trick on you.