#174 Convicted & Sentenced

#174 Convicted & Sentenced
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Even a lifetime sentence cannot bring back a life that can no longer breathe

Sad­ly one life is lost which no amount of pun­ish­ment will bring back. 

Ulti­mate resti­tu­tion is not possible. 

Hope­ful­ly change occurs so that oth­er lives — lives that mat­ter — are spared in the future.

Concept & design

I cre­at­ed this piece in cel­e­bra­tion of the ver­dict: guilty on all three counts. The con­cept was a no-​brainer, though I felt guilty putting an inno­cent amper­sand behind bars. Don’t wor­ry, our friend will be out real soon for good behav­ior. (After all, the amper­sand nev­er argues “but” nor “or,” just brings every­thing togeth­er in harmony.)

My first choice was to put Com­ic Sans in jail, as that type­style is uni­ver­sal­ly loathed by design­ers around the world. (How­ev­er, I believe any ele­ment of design — shape, col­or, font — has its place if the sit­u­a­tion calls for it. I’ll use Com­ic Sans for some­thing atro­cious someday.)

But that car­toony font just didn’t look like it was tak­ing jail time seri­ous­ly. So I chose anoth­er font — one that I per­son­al­ly hate: Ari­al. It deserves incar­cer­a­tion. It is a rip-​off & abom­i­na­tion of a most beau­ti­ful type fam­i­ly, Hel­veti­ca. (Many peo­ple, includ­ing so-​called design­ers, say Hel­veti­ca is plain. Yes, it is plain & ele­gant & sophis­ti­cat­ed in the same way a superb work of min­i­mal­ist art is plain. Not appre­ci­at­ed by the mass­es, but revered by the con­nois­seurs.) So I put Ari­al, an appro­pri­ate­ly ugly font, behind bars, & hope it serves a life sentence.

Closing statement

The loss of life was trag­ic, the cause heinous. Pun­ish­ment will be served. Sad­ly, noth­ing will bring back a life that mat­tered, but hope­ful­ly the whole of it all will bring about change.

Black lives mat­ter. All lives matter.

Production notes for #174 Convicted & Sentenced:
Original size: 20x30 inches
Program: Adobe Photoshop
Fonts: Rockwell & Arial
Ampersand: Arial
Cell illustration: Igor Stevanović, deposit​pho​tos​.com
Note: &” replaces “and” in most or all text, including quotations, headlines & titles.
You may repost the image & article. Please credit Amper​Art​.com.
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