#152 Forever & a Day

#152 Forever & a Day
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Happy Birthday to Leap Year Babies

Amper­Art #152 For­ev­er & a Day cel­e­brates every­one born on Feb­ru­ary 29. “For­ev­er & a day” is a com­mon phrase, but just for the one day every four years, we’ll say “four weeks & a day.” How won­der­ful it must be to be only 18 at seventy-​two years old!
I have always liked phras­es like for­ev­er & a day, to infin­i­ty & beyond, one hun­dred & one per­cent. Though unat­tain­able, it sounds like “guar­an­teed full & complete.”
Hap­py Birth­day & then some!

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