4 thoughts to “#150 Good & Plenty”

  1. Imag­ine if they made a spe­cial edi­tion of Good & Plen­ty where the can­dy itself was in the shape of an ampersand. 

    Say, come to think of it… would pret­zels be con­sid­ered an amper­sand snack?

  2. This makes me feel old! LOL I remem­ber the movie the­ater hav­ing box­es of Good&Plenty. I love licorice!
    Inter­est­ing piece! Thank you!


    1. Su, I hope you saw the sec­tion about the retail store (online also) Licorice Inter­na­tion­al that car­ries licorice from around the world. I’m going to order a sam­pler from Hol­land. Have you ever had salt­ed or double-​salted licorice? Addicting!

      PS You’re not old if you enjoy the fun & fab­u­lous ampersand!

  3. Good & Plen­ty is one of my go to treats at the the­ater. Thanks choo choo Char­lie, I enjoy learn­ing nerdy facts from your post!!🤓

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