#110 He She Me & We

110 He She Me & We#110 He She Me & We
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Ampersand stars in hilarious music video

The ampersand looks kinda happy.Amper­Art #110, He She Me & We, was inspired by a cre­ative, fun & very fun­ny video, Sec­ond Favorite Man, by Tight Paja­mas. You’ll see, it fea­tures our favorite char­ac­ter, the fun & fab­u­lous ampersand.

Watch the video!

Most of you know I love nud­ism & hate coun­try music — not to men­tion I kin­da like amper­sands — so this video real­ly made me a fan of Tight Paja­mas. I laughed my naked ass off.

In the band’s own words:

Sec­ond Favorite Man” is the debut sin­gle by the bay area’s Tight Paja­mas. It address­es the “cheatin’ & lyin” you often find in coun­try music, but in a total­ly unique way. In fact, it cel­e­brates a kind of love tra­di­tion­al­ly bemoaned in country/​western songs!

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Mau­rice Tani — lead vocals, elec­tric gui­tar & bass,
Robert M Pow­ell — Back­ing vocals & ped­al steel gui­tar, engi­neer­ing, mix­ing, mastering
Susie Davis — pro­duc­er, back­ing vocals, piano
Pam Del­ga­do — back­ing vocals

Not men­tioned is the per­son who sug­gest­ed the title of the Amper­Art piece, He She Me & We: Jeff Green­wald. He co-​wrote the song with Susie Davis & shot much of the video. (He’s the “rab­bi” in one of the pho­tos.) I checked out some of Jef­f’s own videos & books. He’s a very inter­est­ing guy. His speech about Noah’s Ark is enter­tain­ing: Jeff Green­wald /​ Noah’s Ark

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chaz sez ...

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Production notes for #110 He She Me & We:
Original size: 20x30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Fonts: Cooper Black, Benguait Charisma
Ampersand: Benguait Charisma
Effects: Gradation intended to resemble a method of screen printing, common in the 1960s-​70s-​80s, as were the chosen typefaces. 
You may repost the AmperArt image. Please credit Amper​Art​.com.
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Desimone? Damn good!

Enjoy & share…

9 thoughts to “#110 He She Me & We”

  1. I love this, Chaz! So hon­ored to be on your site & in your orbit. We’re work­ing on our 2nd song … but for the moment yes, Tight Paja­mas is a one-hit-wonder.

  2. Joan, thanks for vis­it­ing and com­ment­ing. I will put your client on my list of Amper­Art ideas, and cre­ate a poster such as Wine & Spir­its or even Gin & Vod­ka and send it to them (if they sub­scribe to Amper­Art, of course). Since you already sub­scribe you’ll see it come in. Thanks for telling me about them. Amaz­ing that the water can make such a difference.

    My main work (play, actu­al­ly) is brand­ing and graph­ic design. I get into mar­ket­ing and pro­mo­tion as well, so please send me your web­site. Mine is des​i​monedesign​.com.

    Make sure you check out Nation­al Amper­sand Day at https://​amper​art​.com/​s​e​p​t​-​8​-​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​-​a​m​p​e​r​s​a​n​d​-​d​ay/ where there are fun facts about the ampersand.

  3. Inter­est­ing that when I typed in Tight Pyja­mas band the yahoo search imme­di­ate­ly blocked it to say it could be a nasty site. I won­der if that could inhib­it search­es? Just sayin’


  4. Bril­liant! Thank you for adding some amper­sand joy to my morn­ing as I have a ter­ri­ble cold and am try­ing to do some work. I do free­lance pro­mo­tion and about 4 years ago I acquired a client Amper­sand Dis­till­ing a fab­u­lous young cou­ple mak­ing gin and vod­ka up here in Cana­da on Van­cou­ver Island. the gin and vod­ka is a tru­ly smooth and deli­cious craft prod­uct with a secret ingre­di­ent — spring water of aston­ish­ing puri­ty bub­bling up ut of the ground just 50 feet away from the dis­till­ing ket­tles. So I have a fond­ness for the sym­bol and appre­ci­ate your con­tri­bu­tion to the amper­sand world. I imag­ine you get some inter­est­ing correspondence!

    Cheers! Joan

    1. Prob­a­bly not as inter­est­ing as the com­ments Tight Pyja­mas gets. Look for my next Amper­Art piece titled See & Be Seen, which is a poster I designed for a friend in Cana­da. He’s a pro­mot­er as well, and I urge you two to get to know each oth­er. Check out https://​www​.thei​deain​te​gra​tion​.com/ and if you want to real­ly get Saul’s per­son­al­i­ty vis­it http://​saul​.is/

      Also, I appre­ci­ate great com­ments like yours, and reward them with some­thing spe­cial. Pick out your favorite Amper­Art piece and I’ll send you an 11x17” print. See all pre­vi­ous years at https://​amper​art​.com/​g​a​l​l​e​ry/, or select from recent posts for this year. I’ll need your address, of course – the kind that requires a stamp.

      Have an amper­maz­ing day, Joan.

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