The TO DO & TO DON’T List

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  Click on the image to download your own TO DO & TO DON’T list.

Finally, a TO DO list that really works—the TO DO & TO DON’T list.

Want to feel like you’ve really accomplished something? Accomplish nothing—and cross it off the list!

Here’s a TO DO & TO DON’T list but with only a few lines on the “to do” side, which realistically is all most of us ever get through in a day. Right? The TO DON’T side can easily be filled with reminders to DON’T answer every email, DON’T read more than 3 chapters in a mystery novel when you really need some sleep, DON’T eat too much junk food, DON’T answer the telephone every time, DON’T forget to smile, and DON’T make too many lists.

Download your own TO DO & TO DON’T list and print out as many as you want to use yourself & distribute to your friends and colleagues. You might want to fill theirs in for them beforehand with DON’T borrow any more money from me, DON’T bother me when I’m engrossed in a good movie, DON’T be late again, DON’T forget to pick up the lunch tab next time…

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Chaz DeSimone

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2 thoughts on “The TO DO & TO DON’T List

  1. Hey Chaz,

    I love this spin-off on Carolyn’s wonderful article! They are perfect together. I am printing your list and hanging it up where I can see it when I may to tempted to DO any of my DON’Ts. Thanks a bunch!

    Christy Erfer

  2. Hi Chaz,

    Wow, this is such a brilliant idea! I wish I’d thought of it! And Iove your list of don’ts – practical and fun!

    Thanks again for reading my article on Biznik and for the mention. I wish you a wonderful 2012 filled with a ton of succes and of course, good Fortune!
    -Carolyn Higgins
    Fortune Marketing Company

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