#102 Ups & Downs


#102 Ups & Downs
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I’m sure 99% of you can relate to Ups & Downs, right?

Normally I send my latest AmperArt release on a Tuesday (or later in the week if I’m still adding final touches). But this one, Ups & Downs, is most appropriate for a Monday.

I’ve had my share of ups & downs this year, but thanks to family & friends, they’ve helped me through. I just wish one particular con artist of a client would stop lying & pay her bill so my life can be more comfy once again.

The one constant

Through all my ups & downs, there’s been one constant that has kept me somewhat sane for the past several years. That is creating one AmperArt piece each & every month since June, 2011—wow, that’s six years this month!

I wouldn’t have kept at it without your loyal support & wonderful comments. Thank you, AmperArt subscribers!

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Production notes for #102 Ups & Downs:
Original size: 20×30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Font: Ad Lib
Ampersand: Hand drawn, based on Candara 
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