#22 Mother & Child

Happy Mothers Day


AmperArt #22 Mother & Child


I can still feel my soft yellow baby blanket with the satin embroidery and pastel colors, cradling me so lovingly in my mother’s arms.


This AmperArt piece, “Mother & Child,” honors that very special woman who brought each and every one of us into this world.


If you are a mother yourself, I wish you a Very Happy Mother’s Day.


My amazing mother

I am proud to tell you how blessed I am to have been born into the arms of such a wonderful mother as Leona L. DeSimone, 1916-2001.


Though I felt her love as an infant, as a child I favored my dad who spoiled me (being the firstborn) while Mom tried to instill some discipline. Daddy would buy me toys and bring home goodies for me all the time, and I resented my mom for being the strict one.


Not until after our dad died when I was 10, did I realize what a tremendous job our mother had trying to keep us all in line. I gained the deepest respect and love for my mom, especially since we were rather poor and she somehow kept us fed, clothed, and the house in order. I remember her crying when she was short of money, counting pennies to pay the bills, and walking miles to work when the buses went on strike. She did an amazing job raising four kids all by herself, including an especially spoiled brat who drew all over the walls with Crayolas (guess who).

Always smiling

Mom always had a smile for everyone, and she proved to be more popular and loved than any of her children knew, when over 200 people showed up for her funeral. We were blown away! We had the organist play the lullaby she used to sing to us, “All Through the NIght,” which you can listen to here.


I admire, respect, and love you, Mom.