#22 Mother & Child

Happy Mothers Day


Amper­Art #22 Mother & Child


I can still feel my soft yel­low baby blan­ket with the satin embroi­dery and pas­tel col­ors, cradling me so lov­ingly in my mother’s arms.


This Amper­Art piece, “Mother & Child,” hon­ors that very spe­cial woman who brought each and every one of us into this world.


If you are a mother your­self, I wish you a Very Happy Mother’s Day.


My amaz­ing mother

I am proud to tell you how blessed I am to have been born into the arms of such a won­der­ful mother as Leona L. DeS­i­mone, 1916 – 2001.


Though I felt her love as an infant, as a child I favored my dad who spoiled me (being the first­born) while Mom tried to instill some dis­ci­pline. Daddy would buy me toys and bring home good­ies for me all the time, and I resented my mom for being the strict one.


Not until after our dad died when I was 10, did I real­ize what a tremen­dous job our mother had try­ing to keep us all in line. I gained the deep­est respect and love for my mom, espe­cially since we were rather poor and she some­how kept us fed, clothed, and the house in order. I remem­ber her cry­ing when she was short of money, count­ing pen­nies to pay the bills, and walk­ing miles to work when the buses went on strike. She did an amaz­ing job rais­ing four kids all by her­self, includ­ing an espe­cially spoiled brat who drew all over the walls with Crayolas (guess who).

Always smil­ing

Mom always had a smile for every­one, and she proved to be more pop­u­lar and loved than any of her chil­dren knew, when over 200 peo­ple showed up for her funeral. We were blown away! We had the organ­ist play the lul­laby she used to sing to us, “All Through the NIght,” which you can lis­ten to here.


I admire, respect, and love you, Mom.


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