#33 Raindrops & Whiskers


This is the first of four pieces in the My Favorite Things col­lec­tion, in­spired by the song from the 1960 mu­si­cal and 1965 movie The Sound of Music. Only the lyric phrases con­tain­ing “and” were turned into AmperArt de­signs. I’m glad “whiskers on kit­tens” was one of them. I love cats & kit­tens. I don’t like roses as much as car­na­tions, but “rain­drops on car­na­tions” prob­a­bly would not have won an Emmy.

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In re­search­ing the style to use for this art­work I found one of the orig­i­nal movie posters, sam­pled the col­ors from which I chose a lim­ited palette (I did not use blue as that would be your per­fect mat in a nice frame), se­lected the ap­pro­pri­ate type­styles & hand-drew the am­per­sand, styl­iz­ing it to re­sem­ble the main ti­tle in the poster:

The am­per­sand not only con­nects rain­drops and kit­tens and ket­tles and ponies and door­knobs, it also links the last two lines of the song, which ap­pear on all four lay­outs at very top and very bot­tom.

To fur­ther re­search this piece, I re­ally en­joyed watch­ing the movie! If you ever need a joy­ful lift & a lit­tle hu­mor, this is the movie to see. It’s won­der­ful & time­less.

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#16 Bloom & Blossom

#16 Bloom & Blossom
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Spring has sprung!


Prior to ti­tling this piece, I wanted to be sure that “bloom” and “blos­som” are not re­dun­dant. According to the dic­tio­nary, while they can mean the same thing when used as nouns, as verbs flow­ers bloom while trees blos­som.


The beau­ti­ful flow­ers in “Bloom & Blossom” were pho­tographed by Jiri Hera, whose work is show­cased on fo​to​lia​.com.