Stuffed & Dressed Thanksgiving Table Placeholder

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Thanksgiving Placeholder


Here’s your set of humorous Thanksgiving placeholders
a charming souvenir your guests will want to take home & remind them of your fabulous meal.

Simply download the Placeholders Artwork, print, cut & fold (see easy instructions below). Write your guests’ names on the wavy line.

While everyone is gathered at the table don’t forget to give thanks for family & friends, for the delicious food, & for ampersands. Please also ask your guests to subscribe to

Download Placeholders Artwork Here

Easy instructions:
1. Download & print the placeholders artwork. There are 4 placeholders per sheet. This is formatted for standard US letter-size paper, but will print nicely on A4 as well.
2. Cut on the solid red lines, using this diagram as a guide.

3. Fold on the dashed blue lines as shown.

(The red & blue lines do not appear on the actual artwork, but faint dots will print as folding & cutting guidelines. Don’t cut on the fold lines!)

Enjoy your company… & the meal!

You can see the original artwork, AmperArt #69 Stuffed & Dressed, that is featured in these placeholders, here.

Table setting from
Photo by EvanSensenbrenner

Please invite your Family & Friends to subscribe to
Hopefully they will then set their table with AmperArt placeholders &
invite you over for dinner.

Enjoy & share...

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