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Framed posters in contemporary room

See framing ideas following the printing tips, below.

Printing your AmperArt graphics

Here are some guidelines to assure excellent reproduction of your AmperArt graphics, rendering quality similar to fine art prints. (Original art prints of AmperArt graphics signed by the artist are available by special request). Select a frame to complement the artwork & the room (see examples below) & your AmperArt prints will add a stunning visual enhancement to your home or office.

AmperArt print & poster sizes

Original signed art prints are 20 x 30 inches, available by special request. Large poster prints, up to 24 x 36 inches, are also available. Your free AmperArt posters are 11 x 17 inches &  look fabulous in frames. They can also be reduced and printed on standard letter-size paper for a mini gallery, album, or binder cover insert.

AmperArt art print & poster sizes

For the ultimate presentation, print on  tabloid-size paper (US size 11×17 inch, similar to A3 international). If you don’t have that size printer, printing tabloid size is standard at any copy location and most office supply stores.

Download the file

Download the pdf & print from your computer, or save the pdf to a thumb drive, cd, or email the pdf to your copy store. The high-resolution file make take a few minutes to appear and download.


Use these settings for the best print results:
  • Select portrait (vertical)
  • Choose the paper size in the printer (tabloid 11×17 inches recommended)
  • Select 100% reproduction size (do not enlarge or reduce)
  • Select the highest quality settings for the paper you are using:
  • photographic/premium photo
  • highest resolution
  • color enhancement on, off, or adjusted to your preferences

Laser: For laser printers select the highest quality setting & print on premium laser paper, heavyweight preferred. High quality matte paper renders the finest gallery-style finish.

Inkjet: Print on gloss or matte photographic paper, heavyweight preferred. Photo paper yields much richer colors & finer detail than plain paper. Select photographic/highest resolution/premium photo paper settings.

This might be your best solution so you’ll get the size & results you want: Have your posters printed at a copy store or reproduction service bureau from your file. Tell them you want high-quality photographic-quality prints on gloss or matte heavy-weight paper. Also give them the above suggestions.
Tips for printing at a copy store:
  • Ask to see samples of their work similar to your poster.
  • Print just one copy to check for size, color, and quality before you print more. If it is unsatisfactory request adjustments. It is customary to not pay for a test print, unless it is perfect, in which case it can be considered a production print.


black art print poster frame
AmperArt prints look fabulous in sleek thin black frames fitted to the exact dimensions of the print.
These poster-style frames are available at art stores & department stores as well as framing shops. They are made of wood, metal, or plastic & are easy to mount & hang.
Michael’s Arts & Crafts has a package of 2 black 11×17 inch metal frames with glass lens for less than $10. (Even less with their frequent 30-50% off 1-item coupons.) These are the easiest-to-insert frames I’ve ever used and they are of substantial quality: metal & glass, not plastic.
I’ve spent nearly $200 to custom frame AmperArt prints, and it certainly does enhance the artwork. But for less than 5 bucks each a simple black frame looks sleek & elegantly presentable.

Colorful AmperArt ampersand graphic design posters as montage
Create a decorative montage & mini gallery.

A single print can be enhanced with a more elaborate frame & matted with coordinating colors.

Enhance AmperArt prints with special frames

 Art print framed in elegant gold leaf
AmperArt is professional graphic design translated into fine art & can very well be your focal point in a finely appointed room. Special signed original art prints and quality printed posters are available up to 24 by 36 inches. Professionally framed & matted, they become a beautiful accent to a magnificent setting. Contact the artist for more information.

Enjoy your AmperArt print gallery.

If you have a unique display concept please share with your fellow AmperArt collectors and ampersand fans. Reply below or email photos here.


Enjoy & share...

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