#9 Ghosts & Goblins released today

I released my latest edition today to my AmperArt subscribers. It’s entitled “Ghosts & Goblins.” The image will materialize here in a few days. To receive AmperArt as soon as each edition is released just subscribe and get many other bonuses too.

Do you know the difference between ghosts, goblins and ghouls?

Ghosts are thought to be souls of the dead. They are disembodied spirits seen as vague or translucent shapes, which the white sheet costume represents. “Ghost” comes from the Old English “gast,” referring to the soul, spirit, life and breath.

Goblins are mischievous and even malicious, characterized as a grotesque  form of elf. “Goblin” comes from the German word kobold,a mischievous household spirit which is sometimes nice and sings to children, but also acts like a mean little kid hiding stuff around the house, kicking people and throwing tantrums. (Guess my parents would consider me a goblin.)

Then there are ghouls, quite disgusting creatures that feast on corpses and children. “Ghoul” goes back to the Arabic language, where “ghala” means “he seized.”

#10 Crazy & Different

AmperArt #10 Crazy & Different

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Upon reading of Steve Jobs’ passing, I felt almost the same way as I did on December 15, 1966…

As I was folding papers for my paper route, the headline caught my eye:


I went numb and cried. Both Disney and Jobs were visionaries, creative geniuses, demanding perfectionists, and they both died much too young.

My first laptop was the very first Titanium G3–it couldn’t even burn a cd, it was such an early model. (I’ve since learned to wait for version 2 or 3.) I was so proud of that thing. It was the ultimate in stylish design. I didn’t even care if there was a computer inside the case, it was just beautiful to look at. That’s what I appreciate most about Steve–he made everything with class, from the way it works to the way it looks and feels, even down to the marketing and advertising.


M-I-C… See how insanely great this world is today.

K-E-Y…Why? Because of visionary genius.

After Walt passed away the company stumbled for awhile, but the “cast members” and fans of Disney have so much soul that they got it back on its feet. We’ll always wonder what else Walt would have created had he lived longer, and surely we wonder that about Steve. But just like Disney, Apple has such a strong desire to be a class act and produce class products, supported by its incredibly loyal fans, that Steve would probably be proud of what his people continue to invent and polish.

I designed this poster honoring Steve Jobs, as a special edition in my AmperArt poster series.

The words are straight from of one of Steve’s speeches.

No doubt Walt and Steve are thinking up the next insanely great idea in visionary heaven.

Production notes:
Original size: 20 x 30 inches
Program: Photoshop (coulda used Illustrator—probably started out as an entirely different concept for which Photoshop would be required)
Font: Myriad (Apple’s marketing font family)
Ampersand: Myriad, sans one delicious byte

#7 In & Out

#7 In & Out

AmperArt #7: In & Out

Hats, helmets and hardhats off to the workforce!

Whether we work 9 to 5, part time, graveyard, freelance, or own our own Fortune 500 company, we really do clock in and out. Every moment we’re driving to work, driving a nail, answering email, courting a client, or just daydreaming about an invention, we are “clocked in.”

And every moment we are “clocked in” we are adding to the value of somebody’s existence, whether through a product, a profession, or serving a blue plate special (like my mom did, and always with a smile).

If you are “clocked out” this weekend, enjoy the Labor Day festivities. And if you are working, know that your contribution to what makes this country tick is truly appreciated.

listen up!Work, work, work

Every single thing I’m touching, looking at or listening to right now was made by someone, or most likely hundreds of people, who traded their time, talent, expertise, and hard labor for a paycheck.

This monitor, for example: the miners for the phosphors; the product designers; the engineers; the oilmen who drill for the plastic; the solderers; the printers for the UL sticker; the bookkeepers, shippers, and truck drivers; the electrical contractors who supply the power; the tech support; and yes, the graphic designers who created the packaging, advertising and instruction manual.

I was listening to an interview by the late Buddy Rich, jazz drummer. When asked if he enjoys his work as a drummer, he replied, “Work? What work? I play!”

I love what I do for “work.” Designing logos, books, ads and packaging; brainstorming with clients; and the thrill of seeing the first piece off the press is more exciting than an exotic vacation (sometimes just as expensive when there’s a typo).

I hope you enjoy what you do, whatever it is. If you don’t, do something else. We do have that choice. If you need some inspiration please contact me. I am grateful that I get to enjoy the earning part of earning a living, and I’m happy to share how it’s possible for anyone else.

I love work so much, in fact, I’m going to work on my tan at the pool this Labor Day weekend.

Happy Labor Day!