Thanksgiving Seconds & Thirds

The latest AmperArt just arrived from the turkey farm!

#11 Seconds & Thirds
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Seconds & Thirds—who can eat just one helping of Thanksgiving dinner?

We stuff ourselves, go play some games or watch a traditional holiday movie, then…head back for seconds.

After that’s settled, whether we can fit it in or not, we…go back for thirds.

The food is just that delicious!

And then of course, there’s dessert. Seconds & thirds on that, too!

Or maybe your guests are returning to the dinner table to take another look at your cheerful, charming AmperArt placeholders…

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chaz sez…ChazHead128x128

What—no turquoise feathers?

Remember cutting out construction paper feathers to make your Thanksgiving turkey art in grade school?

I made a very colorful turkey with a fan of tail feathers comprised of every color of the rainbow–or at least every color of construction paper. There were blue feathers, pink feathers, green, purple & fluorescent yellow feathers. I thought the turkey was the “coolest animal in the whole wide world because it was the most colorfullest!” Man, was I disappointed to discover the truth. First no Santa Claus, then no Technicolor turkeys.

I could at least look forward to Easter, where I knew absolutely, positively that Easter eggs came in any color you wanted to make them!


Have a wonderful, delicious & colorful Thanksgiving.

Production notes for # 11 Seconds & Thirds:
Original size: 20×30 inches
Program: Illustrator
Font: Showcard Gothic
Ampersand: stuffed & basted
Images for # 11 Seconds & Thirds:
Table setting from
Photo by EvanSensenbrenner

#9 Ghosts & Goblins

Ghosts & Goblins is my Halloween edition for 2011. You can click on the image to see a larger version, but AmperArt subscribers are treated to high-resolution files for printing beautiful poster prints (see examples here).


Ghosts & Goblins: AmperArt #9




Do you know the difference between ghosts, goblins and ghouls?

Ghosts are thought to be souls of the dead. They are disembodied spirits seen as vague or translucent shapes, which the white sheet costume represents. “Ghost” comes from the Old English “gast,” referring to the soul, spirit, life and breath.

Goblins are mischievous and even malicious, characterized as a grotesque  form of elf. “Goblin” comes from the German word kobold,a mischievous household spirit which is sometimes nice and sings to children, but also acts like a mean little kid hiding stuff around the house, kicking people and throwing tantrums. (Guess my parents would consider me a goblin.)

Then there are ghouls, quite disgusting creatures that feast on corpses and children. “Ghoul” goes back to the Arabic language, where “ghala” means “he seized.”

Happy Halloween.