#15 Challenge & Spirit

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Several months ago I discovered a fantastic website about everything ITALIAN. That side of my heritage is most likely where I get my artistic talent and most surely my temper. (The other half is German which is probably why I’m a designer rather than a sculptor or painter, and very glad I am.)

They say you’re either Italian or you love Italian! So this wonderful website is for all you Italians and those who wish you were:


While perusing this beautiful and informative site, I came to a very heartfelt note by the website’s founder, Richard J. Michelli, that his brother Raymond, 36 years old, had just passed away. He was challenged by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and confined to a wheelchair most of his life.
Then I read the sentence that tore my heart out, as it reminded me of some of my own friends who were physically challenged:

“Raymond was admired for his enduring resolve to transcend his limitations and live each moment to the fullest, as he put a smile on the face of everyone he met.” Each and every attribute applies to those friends I know personally who are so accepting, so persevering, so full of spirit in spite of their debilitating challenge. I need look no further, I realized, than the words posted by Raymond’s friends, as well as his obituary, to create my AmperArt tribute. Every single word on this piece is taken verbatim from those sources.

February, with its celebration of Valentines Day and Presidents Day, is the month of love, courage and determination. With those values in mind, I honor the incredible spirit of physically challenged individuals, in the form of my latest AmperArt piece, “Challenge & Spirit.”

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The TO DO & TO DON’T List


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Finally, a TO DO list that really works—the TO DO & TO DON’T list.

Want to feel like you’ve really accomplished something? Accomplish nothing—and cross it off the list!

Here’s a TO DO & TO DON’T list but with only a few lines on the “to do” side, which realistically is all most of us ever get through in a day. Right? The TO DON’T side can easily be filled with reminders to DON’T answer every email, DON’T read more than 3 chapters in a mystery novel when you really need some sleep, DON’T eat too much junk food, DON’T answer the telephone every time, DON’T forget to smile, and DON’T make too many lists.

Download your own TO DO & TO DON’T list and print out as many as you want to use yourself & distribute to your friends and colleagues. You might want to fill theirs in for them beforehand with DON’T borrow any more money from me, DON’T bother me when I’m engrossed in a good movie, DON’T be late again, DON’T forget to pick up the lunch tab next time…

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