Happy New Year 2018

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Dear AmperArt Fans

Happy New Year 2018

Thank you for showing your appreciation of the fun & fabulous ampersand by visiting my monthly creations. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe for your free monthly artwork featuring “the fun & fabulous ampersand.”

It has been another fun year of setting type, coloring pictures & creating layouts with our most interesting friend. (If you don’t know the story behind the ampersand, find out here.)

This New Year’s greeting features Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet 18-3838, as the solid background color. It is featured in AmperArt #118 Magical & Mystical, along with specs and notes about the color.

Typography for this piece: 
Year & ampersand set in Shelley-Allegro Script
Words set in Onyx

This is not a typical AmperArt poster; rather a sincere wish for you to enjoy a properous, healthy & happy New Year. (But it does, of course, contain an ampersand.)

See you in 2018.




—Chaz DeSimone
Typographer & designer & creator of AmperArt


For professional graphic design, please visit Desimone Design.

Desimone? Damn good!

Enjoy & share...

Chaz DeSimone

Design. Dancing. Disneyland. Modernism. Nudism. Black Cats or any other color.

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