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Chaz DeSimone, creator of AmperArt, is an award-winning graphic designer. His first love has always been typography and logo design. But he will create anything which demands a challenging concept, brilliant design and superb rendering. View his professional graphic design at desimonedesign.com.

Desimone Design

Logos & identity systems
Business cards & stationery
Book covers & interiors
Packaging & labels
Posters & postcards
Websites & social headers
& of course AmperArt

Silent film titles

One of Chaz’s most enjoyable projects is ongoing restoration and recreation of silent film titles for his friend Joe Rinaudo, silent film historian, collecCrazy-Fox-maintor and restoration expert. Joe restores silent films, even recreates missing footage and titles (that’s the part Chaz does), for the Library of Congress, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and for other private collectors.

See silent film titles here.

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