See the ampersand?

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Enjoy & share...

7 thoughts on “See the ampersand?

  1. I have loved seeing this series grow and evolve. I still think it deserves a gallery show- Ordinary & Extraordinary: The Life of the Ampersand in Art
    I’ve come back to your site a few times, just to look at the growing collection.

  2. Hi Chaz,
    Love the designs. Are these for clients or just spec? They’re really fun in either case.
    Nice to meet you at the hiking group picnic Sunday.

    1. Hi Lori
      The ampersand series – graphic design using common phrases that contained “and” or the ampersand itself – started out as a marketing campaign, sending 4×6 inch postcards to corporate marketing departments and agencies. After the first few, I realized how enjoyable & challenging it was, deciding then to continue as a personal project, creating posters rather than postcards, generating at least one per month. I named the project AmperArt, developed a website, and soon discovered how many “amperfans” there are out there. Eventually I hope to create AmperArt products to offer on the website, Amazon, Pinterest & Etsy. But the posters will always be free. I plan to create one every month as long as I can push a pencil & a pixel. See you at the next picnic – hopefully with AmperArt posters for everyone that pertain to the sport of hiking.

    1. Kitt, thanks for checking out my personal design project. It’s the one thing that keeps me disciplined. Hope you subscribed. I’ll visit your blog next. When’s the party at YOUR house?

  3. Hi Chaz,
    These Posters have been a monthly treasure to receive each & every month Thank You. Here’s to a Wonderful & Safe New Year. Thank You again Chaz

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