#98 Fresh & Alive


#98 Fresh & Alive color of Pantone Greenery

 #98 Fresh & Alive
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Pantone Greenery is Color of the Year for 2017

In a stark contrast from last year’s rather dull pastel Colors of the Year, Pantone has introduced a Fresh & Alive color (back to just one, too) for 2017: Greenery 15-0343.

No more diaper poo

What a refreshing change (of diapers) from last year’s dull, infantile Colors of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz & Serenity—or as I call them, Putrid Pink & Bland Blue. I can still smell the whiffs of diaper poo from these boring baby room colors. (No, I’ve never had children. Can you guess why? And besides that, they’d grow up to be derelict I’m sure, because I would paint their room in solid black, my favorite color, & all their toys would be various shapes of ampersands. Of course I’d name my kids &y and &rea.)

Trees, grass & crisp green apples

Granny Smith color of Pantone GreeneryThis year it’s the fresh & alive scent of tall trees, crisp celery, crunchy Granny Smith apples, tart limes, a freshly-mown lawn & just-plucked sprigs of mint*:

Pantone Greenery 15-0343

I hope this vibrant color catches on, because the fresh & alive hue will certainly brighten up our days, whether in print, paint, or products. I’ll proudly wear a T shirt in Pantone Greenery with the CMYK and RGB specs printed on it (54 0 100 0 / 132 189 0). You wouldn’t have caught me dead wearing Putrid Pink & Bland Blue last year.

mint color of Pantone Greenery


*Add this secret ingredient to your homemade meatballs: a few chopped fresh & alive mint leaves. That’s what would separate my mom’s delicious meatballs from the rest.



Pantone Greenery is presented as the solid background in AmperArt #98 Fresh & Alive. Here are the specs for the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year:

Greenery 15-0343
Graphics (closest match): Pantone 376 C / RGB 132 189 0 / CMYK 54 0 100 0 / HEX 84BD00
The Fashion + Home and Plastic formulas are slightly different. See here.

Visit Pantone.com for fresh & alive color insights.


chaz sez ...

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Production notes for #98 Fresh & Alive:
Original size: 20×30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Font: Capistrano (modified)
Ampersand: a fresh & alive squiggle
Ladybug: istockphoto.com / photograph by dionisvero
Apple: fitness.stackexchange.com
Mint: ingofwallpapers.com
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Desimone? Damn good!

#56 Lose Weight & Feel Great

#56 Lose Weight & Feel Great

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 
My friend Crystal got me back into shape last year. I’ve given her a little plug after my main story. She really helped me lose weight & feel great!
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT—Back around 1978 I lost $400 in one day wearing that phrase! (or something that sounded just like it)

That was back in the ’70s when a company that sold herbal supplements via your typical pyramid multi-level marketing scheme recruited (by means of over-the-top “rah-rah” meetings & conventions) anyone who wanted to get rich quick & stay healthy at the same time. I bought into the dreamscheme, stocked my living room full of every type of supplement, tonic & snake oil the company had to offer, & headed out on my first day, wearing my shiny new Lose Weight—Feel Great lapel button nearly the size of a hockey puck, to make an overnight killing. After all, I was in top shape, toned & tan, & figured anyone would assume a few supplements a day took me from a fat slob to an Atlas in just a few weeks. (In actuality, I had been working out for years.)

I didn’t get a single nibble. Instead, I lost over $400 in one day. I was so excited about wearing that damn badge & making my easy fortune that I forgot all about my regular job, my loyal clients & deadlines for designs. (It was my fault, not the MLM’s. Just not for me.)

I tore that button off that evening & never did another MLM again. But at least the phrase, a slogan of the era, prompted this edition of AmperArt. (This completes the first Advertising Slogan series, one slogan per month throughout 2013. You can see the entire list here.) (more…)

#28 Good & Good For You

#28 Good & Good For You

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Originally created  nearly a year ago as part of my upcoming Health & Nutrition series, I am releasing #28 Good & Good For You as my August 2013 contribution to the Advertising Slogans series.

Scouring the Internet to find out what brand used this slogan, I simply can’t find it. So maybe it was never actually a product slogan. But it sounds like one, so I’ve selected the hottest item in the universe to carry the tagline. See “chaz sez” below.

In the process of searching, I came across some very interesting ad campaigns & slogans from the past century. Here’s one that also includes a “hall of fame” of great old ads, including many from European products (the website is in the UK):

Here are two other lists, the first containing 400 slogans (of which many famous ones such as the Milk Advisory Board’s “Got Milk?” are curiously missing):


Since I can’t find a commercial brand that ever used the phrase “Good & Good For You,” I’ll tag it as my own personal slogan for the hottest product in the universe: good ol’ fashioned sunshine. It’s definitely Good & Good For You, although I won’t be getting any this Labor Day weekend, being unusually overcast & gloomy in good ol’ sunny Southern California. If you can recall where the slogan was originally used, please let me know. But it will still be my personal tagline for that big ball of fire in the sky.


Original dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Program: Illustrator
Font: Plantin

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