#119 Drag & Drop

#119 Drag & Drop

#119 Drag & Drop
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Drag & Drop. The meaning is obvious to anyone who works with a computer, along with “copy & paste” & “blue screen of death.” But right now, cranking this issue out just before the deadline, drag & drop is how I feel at this moment. 

I promise the next issue, AmperArt #117 See & Be Seen, will be lots of fun, will introduce you to a fantastic guy, & will be saturated with red, red, red for Valentine’s Day. Look for it next Tuesday morning.

Now, dear readers, I’m going to drag myself to bed & drop with a thud on my pillow. Good night. 


chaz sez ...

My clients are screaming at me to publish more articles  for the chaz sez blog at DesimoneDesign.com (my professional graphic design website). So I will attempt to publish one article per month, just like AmperArt. That is, if I can pull it off before I really drag & drop—I hardly got this one out on time.

chaz sez is mostly about design, typography, printing, publishing & marketing, but on occasion I’ll divert to a sideways topic that just can’t escape my ranting & raving. They even want more of that—do I actually have a cult following?

Join the cult:


Production notes for #119 Drag & Drop:
Original size: 20×30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Fonts: Myriad
Ampersand: Myriad
Whoever invented the mouse (thanks, although I prefer a trackball)
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Desimone? Damn good!

#71 Ring & Ring


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Amper Fans meet Apple Fans

Today’s the day everyone’s been waiting for (unless you’re an Android or Windows fan—ha ha Windows fan sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it)…



No, that’s not an iPhone. It’s my cracked, scuffed, worn, tortured, broken Blackberry Curve 6310 that I’ve had for 8 or 9 years.  Think I’m ready for a new phone?

Believe it or not, it still works. (It has to, it’s the only phone I’ve got.) I’ll tell you more about this Badassberry—the phone that won’t quit—in my “chaz sez” column below. It’s been a workhorse, but I am so ready for a brand new iPhone—and finally the iPhone 6 has the one feature I’ve been holding out for, a larger screen. (I’ve also been crossing my fingers it will come in grey or black, and sure enough it does.)

Remember before answering machines (remember answering machines, which were before voicemail?) the phone used to ring & ring & ring & ring & ring, sometimes 10 or 20 times? Really annoying if you had an annoying friend (or worse yet, a bill collector…or worse yet, a telemarketer) who kept calling and you didn’t want to speak to them. At least with answering machines you could fast-forward to the next message.

Let’s fast-forward to today:

Well, the iPhone 6 has been announced, but we’ll have to wait & wait & wait & wait & wait until it’s actually available. I’ve waited 9 years for a new phone so I guess I can wait a few months longer.

phone colors adIf you’re wondering what all the colors are in this AmperArt piece, “Ring & Ring,” those are the colors telephones came in while I was a kid in the 1950s and 60s. Up until then they came in any color, as Mr. Ford would say of the Model T, as long as it was black. The new, modern colors were exciting, instantly modernizing and adding a touch of glamour to any living room, bedroom or kitchen. This ad announces all the new phone colors.

princess-phone-pink-rotarySMShortly after the new colors, along came the Princess phone (that was in my mom’s or sister’s bedroom, of course, although I don’t recall if it was pink or turquoise).

black pushbutton phone

But the most revolutionary concept, that which changed the world of telephony, was the push-button phone. That allowed all sorts of wonderful new applications, including automated customer service department selections that usually disconnected the call. (I always just press 0 for a live operator, although that usually disconnects the call as well or recycles back to the main menu). Then cordless phones were the next big thing.

single-brickAfter that, of course, cellular phones were all the rage, and anyone who owned one was an instant celebrity. For decades they were first novelties, then accessories, and today they have replaced the home phone altogether for several households. For many solo entrepreneurs such as myself, the cell phone is our main business phone, along with Skype.

Ah, the simpler days when all the instructions for using your new phone were printed on a single sheet of paper…

dial telephone instructions

I know, I know…this AmperArt release coincides with the iPhone 6 release and it was planned that way, so why have I hardly even mentioned the Shiny New Toy? Because you’ll be hearing enough about it on the on the news, on the Internet, at Starbucks, and from your geek colleagues. You might even be at an Apple store placing your order right now.

listen up!Why do I still have a Blackberry Curve where I can’t read half the screen; the earpiece doesn’t work so I have to use it only on speaker; the trackball fell out once and until I found it weeks later (right under my chair) I had to do everything with the keypad, which meant no scrolling (now it’s taped in place); and I have to pull the battery out to charge it because the usb jack is all screwed up? Oh yeah, and it’s held together with duct tape?

Because it still works—and I’ve been waiting for an iPhone that has all the features I want, including a nice big screen. Oh yeah, and the price. Other bills came first. The new iPhone 6 Plus is exactly what I want, and the old Beastberry probably won’t hold out much longer.

Which means I’m going to get the iPhone 6 Plus for sure (and all its 128g), so I better get back to work right now to afford it.

Original size: 20×30 inches
Program: Illustrator
Font: What font? This is hand-lettered, just like ads were created back in the 1960’s (unless you could find a decent script in Fototype).
Colors: Sampled from period telephone ads and adjusted according to memory
Ad: classicrotaryphones.com
Princess phone: playingintheworldgame.files.wordpress.com
Black pushbutton phone: unmeshpatil.blogspot.com/
Brick: bodyshapestyle.com
Instructions: teachingliteracy.tumblr.com

#58 Up & Running


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If you’re reading this…

You can thank a superb web technology expert and all-around great guy I recently met: Steve Wolfson of Mountain Web Development in Ashland, Oregon. Simply put, he got my broken website Up & Running quickly, expertly, and inexpensively. (more…)