#55 Returns & Exchanges


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The day after Christmas must be as dreaded to retailers as the day after Thanksgiving is welcome—you know, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.

Used to be, before online shopping & big box stores, all the department stores from Sears & Penneys (as it used to be called), to Saks & Nordstroms, had a special window or room all its own (with a classy, discreet sign) that handled returns, exchanges & complaints. Next to that was the gift wrapping service & layaway department.

Remember the smell of fresh popcorn & candy when entering your neighborhood Sears?

Today a couple stores still offer a comfortable setting for such returns & exchanges (no candy or popcorn, though), but the big box & deep discount chains mostly just have a return counter (with a tacky “Line Starts Here” arrow hanging from the ceiling) and a  trail of customers (all “dressed up” in the latest Big Box fashion) that extends out the door.

So December’s AmperArt #55, Returns & Exchanges, repeats the trip to the same brick-&-mortar store (or the online equivalent) that November’s AmperArt #54 portrayed: Stop & Shop (in case you missed it, get trampled here). (more…)

#40 Look & See

I love the quote by Jill Petty, which was perfect for the image of the swans, and so very profound (besides offering an ampersand opportunity):

Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see their heart.

I also like this saying by Will Moss that ties love to sight (also with an amp op):

Love is not blind — it sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less.

And I love my friends, for they are always teaching me something amazing. My friend Melody says:

“Swans are known for their fidelity. They are loyal to each other as a couple once they come together, they are a couple for life. They are also a great symbol of beauty and grace.

“And how about the extraordinary tale of the ugly duckling who becomes a swan! The metamorphosis of transcending one’s own being in such an extraordinary way is awe inspiring.”

Swans are white
Lakes are blue
Here’s some AmperLove
From me to you

No matter what color your loved one’s eyes are, the pupils are black. And that’s the part that sees.

Black is a gorgeous color to represent true love. It’s deep, forever, classy and honest like the printed word. Love is also mysterious, another good reason for black.

I received a black rose on Valentines Day in high school once, which meant “unpopular.” Well, if being a nerd is what it took to get my favorite color in a flower, so be it. I loved that rose, even though my favorite flower is a carnation.

My friends think that’s morbid, as carnations remind them of funerals. Well, carnations — especially the white ones with the red rims — remind me of going to the Carnation Ice Cream counter with Daddy every weekend for our 5-cent ice cream cones. And that, my friends, was love.

A black carnation…ah, that’s my idea of the perfect Valentines Day flower.

Happy Valentines Day, whatever color you love the most.

Production Notes:
Original size: 20×30″
Program: Photoshop
Fonts: Poppl-Residenz, Palace Script (ampersand, modified)
Photography: Zurijeta, 123rf.com