#80 Believe & Achieve in 2016 – Happy New Year!


#80 Believe & Achieve
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Happy New Year

First, have a blast celebrating 2015! Then use these tips to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

If you haven’t made any resolutions yet—because you know they are so excruciatingly hard to keep—read this wonderful advice from a friend, Tammi Brannan. You might even want to rethink your New Year’s resolutions and actually look forward to keeping them in 2016!

When choosing New Year’s Resolutions that you want to achieve, make sure you do these 3 things:

  1. Identify 2-3 areas in your life you’d like to improve.
  2. Pick one action item for each area that you can do now to exact change.
  3. For 5 minutes, 3 times a day focus on each action item, whether you’re saying it to yourself as a promise or you’re taking steps towards accomplishing that action.

The 2 reasons why folks fail when it comes to their New Year’s Resolutions is because they:

  1. Pick Resolutions they don’t care too much about achieving, and…
  2. Sit by in hopes their New Year’s Resolution will come to them, instead of taking active steps to achieve them.

If finding the perfect occupation or business is one of your 2016 goals, Tammi Brannan offers career development coaching for individuals & teams. She says, “Live a life that is truer to you.” You’ll find lots of insightful videos & articles at her website, InstinctiveLife.com. I endorse Tammi as a person of high integrity & genuine concern for individuals.

To Do & To Don’t List


featuring the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016

Here’s a TO DO LIST guaranteed to simplify your life. It’s actually my specially designed TO DO & TO DON’T list. This is brand-new artwork in the two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity. Download the TO DO & TO DON’T list here and print out several copies for your friends.

chaz sez ...

My favorite quote about dreams & possibilities is by Walt Disney, who really accomplished some astonishing feats. (Did you know Disneyland was built in less then one year from groundbreaking to opening day?) Walt said:

 “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

And he did. Birdies sing & flowers croon.


#95 Apples & Oranges

#95 Apples & Oranges
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Although AmperArt #95 is titled Apples & Oranges, it was inspired by an incident I could have called Apples & Peaches. You see, the other day I went to the market for three pounds of peaches. I had purchased just one the day before & it was so sweet I went back to stock up. Okay, I admit it was also the last day of the sale. These delicious peaches were only 69 cents a pound.

I brought my few items — three pounds of peaches & maybe one pound of everything else — up to the checker & she rang me up for $20 & change. Seemed like a lot for just peaches, a head of lettuce & two cans of tuna (cat treats — if I ate that stuff I’d probably be healthy). When I got to the car I realized it was indeed way too much money for those few items. So I checked the receipt & sure enough, she rang up three pounds of organic Fuji apples at 4.75/lb.! There’s a big difference between apples & peaches — just like there’s a tremendous difference between apples & oranges — but not when they look alike, I guess.


Judging from this, she could have rung me up for three pounds of organic heirloom tomatoes on the vine at $7.50/lb.

If you, my regular reader, are wondering if this is the same store that sold me a box of 50 peanut butter cookies that turned out to actually be cinnamon-apple cookies (disgusting!) — and the box was short by three cookies, no less — nope, it was the rival around the corner. Seems like they’re competing for incompetence.


chaz sez ...

applebiteThis has been an applicious month. Besides the incident at the store which inspired Apples & Oranges, I created a new business card and related materials for my very good friend, Jim Barrow, who is all about Apple and actually taught me how to plug in my first Mac. He’s been a Mac guru since 1984. His website is even called ihatepc.com!

If you’re in the Los Angeles or outlying area (including Orange) and you need help with Mac installs, training, upgrades, networking or software, Jim’s your guy. Go to ihatepc.com. You’ll love Jim.

Production notes for #95 Apples & Oranges:
Original size: 20×30 inches
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Fonts: Apple Garamond, Futura
Ampersand: hand-drawn
Credits for #95 Apples & Oranges:
Peach: imlovingthis.com
Apple: wisegeek.com
Tomato: incredibleseeds.ca

For professional graphic design, please visit Desimone Design.

Desimone? Damn good!