#53 Deep Dark & Mysterious

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Deep Dark & Mysterious

Haunting Halloween. This AmperArt piece doubles as a Halloween theme & a possible entry in my Advertising Slogans series, as I vaguely recall seeing this a long time ago advertising who-knows-what. We’ll let that be a deep, dark mystery.

Coincidentally, my main graphics computer went dark yesterday for no apparent reason. After unsuccessfully reviving it after 4 hours of probing & tinkering, it remains a deep, dark unsolved mystery. Which is why, having to use a less-than-optimal computer for graphic design, this AmperArt materialized at the midnight hour on Halloween.

Original size: 20×30″
Program: Photoshop
Fonts: Univers, Usherwood (ampersand)

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Chaz DeSimone

Design. Dancing. Disneyland. Modernism. Nudism. Black Cats or any other color.

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