#45 Strong & Absorbent

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What a mess! My website has been hacked, my computer is slower than a snail, and Photoshop keeps crashing. I wish I could just grab a paper towel and clean everything up.


This is why I can keep the hairball-heaving cat.


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This month’s issue in the AmperArt Slogans & Jingles series features one of the greatest tools of the 20th Century, the paper towel. Many other products claim to be “Strong & Absorbent” but this single sheet of fluffy white fiber tops the list for convenience and multi-purpose use. Need a plate for that cold slice of pizza? Grab a paper towel. How about an emergency filter for the coffee maker? Or soft packing material? Paper towel.

Do you know the history of how the paper towel came to be invented, and how it is manufactured on giant machinery? This is a truly fascinating story.

It all started way back…

Uh oh, cat just spilled a glass of milk.

Damn! Out of paper towels.

Sorry, gotta go…

Program: Photoshop
Original dimensions: 10″ x 15″
Font: Impact
Image: Bounty Giant Roll 2-Ply Select-A-Size sheet, scanned and manipulated

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