#38 Form & Function

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Form follows function, form meets function, form & function. It’s all about efficiency, simplicity & aesthetics.

Lamps that double as sculpture, sculpture that you can sit on, even a cool graphic that’s really a calendar. Probably the most ubiquitous example of form & function is the wristwatch. The rarest could be the 3 that doubles as an ampersand (sort of) in the latest AmperArt edition.

Form & function is everywhere: our clothing, a building (although some are so ugly they are merely functional, & some are so poorly built they don’t really function).

Another example of form & function is a beautifully decorated serving of food. How about some writing instruments? And of course my favorite, my Mickey Mouse coffee mug. Fun to look at & very functional.

chaz sez:
Movie Night

Recently I discovered the IMDb, or Internet Movie Database. It lists the top 250 movies by popularity according to the general public, and it is constantly fluctuating, especially re-ranking the newer flicks quite frequently.
I have traded in my habit of reading several (actually, too many) chapters of suspense and mystery novels every night that I’m not pushing pixels, for watching every movie on the 250 list.
So far I have been truly delighted with oldies like Charlie Chaplin’s “On the Town,” Laurel & Hardy in “Babes in Toyland” as well as the later Disney version starring “Anette.” I’ve enjoyed “The Sound of Music,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and “Harvey“–a real delight. Also saw for the first time “The Godfather”–surprisingly, since I’m Sicilian. Pazienza!
But the most alluring and captivating movie I saw from this list–or from my entire life on this planet–is “The Fountainhead” from 1948. It expresses exactly how I feel about design where every surface, angle, color and detail must have a damn good reason to be there. The movie is about not giving into society, not giving up your principles, living your dream in the face of ridicule and even condemnation–just because one artist is too brilliant for the masses. The movie also features mid-century modern architecture, my absolute favorite (aside from futuristic architecture–but back then it was futuristic).

Perhaps you’ve guessed that movie inspired my “Form & Function” AmperArt piece.

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Chaz DeSimone

Design. Dancing. Disneyland. Modernism. Nudism. Black Cats or any other color.

3 thoughts on “#38 Form & Function

  1. Hi Chaz,
    I love the way you melded the new year 2013 with the AmperArt!
    I’ll have to watch The Fountainhead now.
    Happy New Year!
    Love & Joy~

    1. Glad to hear you like this one, Pat. I’m sure many people will consider it dull, flat, boring, institutional…just like the public was led to perceive the mid-century modern architecture in the movie “The Fountainhead.”
      As for my artistic awareness, most of my friends think I find art in TOO many places. I’m always embarrassing them when I photograph a plate of food in a fine restaurant when I find a “food face” in it, or scare them out of their wits when I stare at images in clouds…while driving.

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