#28 Good & Good For You

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#28 Good & Good For You

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Originally created  nearly a year ago as part of my upcoming Health & Nutrition series, I am releasing #28 Good & Good For You as my August 2013 contribution to the Advertising Slogans series.

Scouring the Internet to find out what brand used this slogan, I simply can’t find it. So maybe it was never actually a product slogan. But it sounds like one, so I’ve selected the hottest item in the universe to carry the tagline. See “chaz sez” below.

In the process of searching, I came across some very interesting ad campaigns & slogans from the past century. Here’s one that also includes a “hall of fame” of great old ads, including many from European products (the website is in the UK):

Here are two other lists, the first containing 400 slogans (of which many famous ones such as the Milk Advisory Board’s “Got Milk?” are curiously missing):


Since I can’t find a commercial brand that ever used the phrase “Good & Good For You,” I’ll tag it as my own personal slogan for the hottest product in the universe: good ol’ fashioned sunshine. It’s definitely Good & Good For You, although I won’t be getting any this Labor Day weekend, being unusually overcast & gloomy in good ol’ sunny Southern California. If you can recall where the slogan was originally used, please let me know. But it will still be my personal tagline for that big ball of fire in the sky.


Original dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Program: Illustrator
Font: Plantin

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4 thoughts on “#28 Good & Good For You

  1. Seems to me I hear that phrase in my head from some commercial, but I can’t draw up which one. Maybe it was just a “mother phrase” for spinach. Was it Popeye??

  2. WOW! I thought for sure this was a slogan for something “good” (strawberry flavored cod liver oil? Just kidding!) But I agree, Chaz! Apply this to sunshine, for sure! If we had any here I’d send it your way!

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